Can job postings in Canada exclude white men? Short answer: yes

Article here. Excerpt:

'Restrictions listed on recent postings for Canada Research Chair positions have surprised some people. It’s not that someone with a biology degree might be barred from applying to teach South American history, or that an engineer might not be eligible for a position teaching English literature, but rather that skin colour and gender identity have been limiting factors.

In two recent job postings for Canada Research Chairs in computer science at the University of Waterloo, applications are restricted for those who identify as “women, transgender, gender-fluid, non-binary, or Two-spirit” in the first case, and to members “of a racialized minority” for the second.

In the past, these sorts of job postings have led to controversy, with some claiming they’re examples of “reverse racism” or that they show the end of hiring based on merit and education, in favour of immutable characteristics.

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Pennsylvania Judge Accused of Shooting Ex-Boyfriend in the Head as He Slept

Article here. One to watch. Excerpt:

'A suspended Pennsylvania judge allegedly shot her ex-boyfriend in his home as he slept, according to a press release from the Cumberland County District Attorney's Office.

The shooting occurred in the morning of Saturday, Feb. 10 at the Harrisburg home of the victim, Michael McCoy, after he tried to end his one-year relationship with Magisterial District Judge Sonya M. McKnight, 57, according to the press release and a police filing obtained by the Associated Press.

The bullet entered the right side of McCoy’s face and exited the left side of his face, the press release states. He survived but is now blind in one eye.
McKnight is now being charged with attempted murder and aggravated assault.

After breaking up with McKnight, McCoy, 54, had attempted to get her to move out of his home numerous times, but she would not leave, according to an arrest affidavit obtained by the Associated Press NBC News, and CBS News.'

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Michigan State’s ‘Women’s Leadership Accelerator’ likely illegal: watchdog

Article here. Excerpt:

'Michigan State University is facing scrutiny for its new female leadership program as a due process advocacy group says it illegally discriminates against male students.

Michigan State’s Broad College of Business launched the program recently and it is marketed to female students who want to advance their leadership skills, potentially in violation of Title IX rules on sex discrimination.

The Dashney Women’s Leadership Accelerator will offer students mentoring and experiential learning, according to the program’s website.
Bullion said both men and women can participate in the leadership accelerator.

But a group that advocates for civil rights protections disagrees.

The president of Stop Abusive and Violent Environments told The Fix MSU is “absolutely not” compliant with Title IX regulations.'

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Protecting Our Sons: Navigating a Radical Feminist Culture

Article here. Excerpt:

'I dedicated 13 years of my life to public, private, and higher education. As a teacher, I continuously witnessed male disengagement with curriculum that was heavily slanted toward female students across multiple school districts.

This shouldn’t be surprising given that only 23% of American K-12 teachers identified as male in 2021 (NCES, 2023) despite the fact that an estimated 51.4% of students enrolled in public schools are male (ACS 2017-2021 survey).

In addition, males are overrepresented in school punishment, dropout rates, academic delinquency and, ultimately, criminal offenses in what is commonly called the School-To-Prison Pipeline. The drop in male enrollment in higher education institutions has become known as the “Male College Crisis.” While there are many reasons for male disinterest education, it would be naïve to assume that a social climate which devalues males outside the classroom would be significantly supportive of males within the classroom.

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Leaving ‘Mr. Mom’ Behind

Article here. Excerpt:

'The percentage of stay-at-home parents who are fathers has risen dramatically over the last three decades. Pew Research Center, using the Census Bureau’s Annual Social and Economic Supplement, published a report over the summer showing that almost 1 in 5 American parents who do not work for pay are fathers. From 1989 to 2021 (the latest Pew data), that represented a 63.6 percent increase — the result of both rapid growth in the share of fathers who do not work for pay and a slight decrease in the share of mothers who do not work for pay. (The share of women working is currently at an all-time high, driven by mothers of children under 5, who have generally been likeliest to stay home.)'

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Australia’s All-Boys Schools Need to Stamp Out Toxic Masculinity

Article here. Excerpt:

'By invoking tradition, the protesters are endorsing a culture of machismo pervasive in elite boys schools. It is these young men who will go on to hold positions of power in business, finance, politics, law and the media, cementing old boys’ networks. That is why schools must act to stamp out damaging gender views and smash the sexist stereotypes that stand in the way of gender equality. Going coed is the right move. If we demand diversity in companies and our private and public institutions, it should start in schools during adolescents’ formative years. Apart from the home, there is no better place to hold schoolboys accountable for rampant appalling behavior toward girls that is pervasive at elite boys’ schools. Learning alongside them from early on about respect would help.

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Gen Z men go traditional, cover women’s costs on date night: ‘Equality didn’t mean we should pay the same’

Article here. Excerpt:

'Tradition is on the menu during Gen Z date night.

Despite being seen as politically progressive when it comes to gender equality, young American men are still expected to pick up the tab for the women they’re wooing — and they’re more than happy to do so.

A survey of 552 heterosexual college students cited in a new report by The New York Times found that Zoomer men paid for dates 90% of the time.

Gen Z women, on the other hand, paid in full for just 2% of the dates they went on, while 8% of dates were split evenly between the sexes.

“The traditional pattern is still there,” professor Shanhong Luo, who conducted the research, told the publication.

The Times cited one 27-year-old woman who claimed that gender equality wasn’t a reason to expect the fairer sex to split the bill.

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Feminist ‘Gender Justice’ Group Alarmed by Young Men Rejecting Feminism

Article here. Excerpt:

'A global feminist organization whose idea of “healthy manhood” is the promotion and “allyship” of feminist ideals expressed worry in its 2023 report, which revealed that fewer young American men are supportive of feminism.

Equimundo: Center for Masculinities and Social Justice was distressed to learn some of the results of its online survey of 2,022 American men between the ages of 18 and 45.

The survey found 40% of all the men showed symptoms of depression, while 44% had recent thoughts of suicide.

The group’s primary concern, however, appeared to be that the number of men who said “feminism has made America a better place” dropped by nine percentage points between the group of “elder millennials” (age 38-45), at 56%, and the 18-23 “Gen Z” group, at 47%.

Equimundo touts itself as having “worked internationally and in the US since 2011 to engage men and boys as allies in gender equality, promote healthy manhood, and prevent violence.”

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Idaho's public university: State triples spending to $6M on courses about 'white fragility' and 'toxic masculinity

Article here. Excerpt:

'Idaho public universities have ramped up spending to $6 million on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) efforts and teaching students about 'white fragility' and 'toxic masculinity,' a damning new report shows.

Idaho Freedom Foundation (IFF) researchers have lifted the lid on a tripling of DEI spending since 2022 at Boise State University (BSU) and three other taxpayer-funded schools across the Gem State.

Those schools now have 75 administrators dedicated to DEI, many of them earning six-figure salaries.

The top earner, Yolanda Bisbee, is an expert on tribal relations who bags $170,706 per year as chief diversity officer at the University of Idaho (UI).

'The DEI regime has been growing in Idaho's public universities,' researchers Anna Miller and Scott Yenor said in their 25-page study for the conservative think tank.

Critics say it's a form of reverse discrimination that unfairly blows back on straight, white men.

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Canada: Turns out, open hostility to white men isn't great for military recruitment

Article here. Excerpt:

'Like every army ever, the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) have always been predominantly male. And, as a country with a majority of the population being of European descent, its members have been predominantly white. These facts should be uncontroversial.

But unlike every army ever, the CAF is using the identities of its historic membership to promote an ethos of guilt and shame within the institution. This isn’t fixing the present recruitment crisis and it’s doubtful that it ever will — but this approach has the firm support of scholarly military voices, the latest example coming to us from Paul Mitchell, a defence studies professor at the Canadian Forces College.'

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Over $25K raised for anti-Israel professor who pulled machete on Post reporter

Article here. Excerpt:

'It’s a reward for bad behavior.

A fundraiser has collected over $25,000 for disgraced NYC art professor Shellyne Rodriguez, who was recently axed from her third teaching gig in less than a year.

The GoFundMe — whose goal is $30,000 — was launched last May after Rodriguez, 47, was fired from Hunter College and the School of Visual Arts for pulling a machete on Post reporter Reuven Fenton, who was inquiring about her viral freakout on a group of anti-abortion students.

Despite harassment, menacing, and weapons possession charges, she was hired at Cooper Union four months later.

But in January, The Post revealed last week, that Rodriguez was fired for anti-Israel statements.

Since then, donations to her have started trickling in again.

The page had pulled in $25,589 as of Friday.

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FGM in Sierra Leone

Article here. Couldn't agree more. Now where's any mention of MGM? Excerpt:

'Local police tell CNN that Jalloh is believed to have died from excessive bleeding in the Bondo bush – a place where a weeks-long secret initiation and rite of passage into womanhood (and into membership of the Bondo Society) takes place. In Sierra Leone, this initiation begins with Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) or Female Genital Cutting.

Jalloh’s mother and grandmother took her to the initiation, the officers say. They have now been arrested, along with the Sowei, the woman who leads the ritual and performs the crude operation.

Her father is furious. “I never wanted my daughter to go through Bondo. I am opposed to it,” he says. “I was never informed about it. They just did it on their own. All I was told was about her death and her dead body.”'

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Southwest Promises To Discriminate Against White Men

Article here. Excerpt:

'Southwest Airlines is pledging to discriminate against white men when selecting job candidates for senior positions within the company.

The Dallas-based carrier said it plans on “doubling racial diversity” and “increasing gender diversity” on its “Senior Leadership team by 2025.” Southwest said it will also increase “diverse representation on the Southwest Airlines Board of Directors,” according to an internal company presentation posted on X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter.

Not only did Southwest reveal its plans to increase “representation” and “diversity” among the company’s top-level employees, but the airline also declared that it would “openly” report on its progress.

Despite pushback over its hiring practices, the airline continues to support initiatives that further discrimination under the guise of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI).'

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The rise and fall of White men and the institutions they built

Article here. Excerpt:

'Forty years ago, Harvard, America’s oldest university, was often ranked the best in the world. Unfortunately, it has been destroying itself at an accelerating pace, with little chance of returning to its former glory. More on this below.

Do a thought experiment. If no White man (meaning someone descended from the tribes that inhabited Europe and nearby areas for some tens of thousands of years) had ever existed with an IQ of more than 100, what would the world look like today? Western civilization is frequently traced back to those who lived in Greece about 2,500 years ago. A small number of Greek thinkers in that period had enormous and lasting influence on mathematics, science, political thought, philosophy, literature, the arts, and architecture, such as Pythagoras, Aristotle and Plato.

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Alabama Bill Proposes Rapists be Castrated

Article here. Excerpt:

'"My bill is simple," Givan said. "If there is a young girl who has been raped or there's incest involved, or a woman that has been raped, the bill would require a man, if found guilty, to have a vasectomy or some form of castration." Newsweek has contacted Givan for comment via email.

House Bill 90 also would ensure fathers pay all costs associated with an abortion unless otherwise agreed with the pregnant woman. It would also see the payment be waived if the man agrees to a vasectomy.

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