Privacy Policy

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Protecting your privacy while on-line is something that many people don't give much thought to. But is is an important issue. We consider advocating for privacy and civil liberties as a part of advocating for men's rights. In fact, the current state of internet privacy is much like the state of men's rights - nothing less than a crisis. Some have even said the privacy wars are over - and we, as individuals, have lost. But we still believe it's important to raise awareness and take a proactive stance with regard to privacy issues.

Now onto the privacy policy for we assure you, that unless required to by law, we will not disclose the private content of your registration info, including your real name, e-mail address, or other information, to any third party without your express consent to do so. We do not not sell, trade, or give your e-mail address to spammers or people who buy info like this for targeted marketing purposes. In the unlikely event that we would be required by law to give this information to government or law enforcement officials, we will try to contact all registered users to let them know of this event. We are going to do everything possible to protect the privacy and/or anonymity of any legitimate visitor. People who try to break into this site, or sabotage it in other ways are not legitimate users and do not get the same privacy protection.

Cookies are used by this site to keep track of user logins so that you can have customized settings. They aren't used by to track your web usage or find out what other sites you've been to. Our web server also logs the IP address of each page request, and we only use this information to calculate site traffic statistics.

Now, that's a real privacy policy. No unreadable legal garbage, just our intentions laid out for you to see. Feel free to e-mail us if you have any other questions about this policy. We'll be happy to respond to them and update this page with more information if needed.

-- The Admin Team