A man’s world? Art exhibit about misogyny was only open to women — until a man complained

Article here. Excerpt:

'A museum in Australia is being forced to allow men into art exhibit originally conceived for women only, after a tribunal ruled it “discriminatory,” following a complaint by a disgruntled man who was denied entry.

Tasmania’s Museum of Old and New Art (MONA) has been ordered to stop refusing entry to “persons who do not identify as ladies,” to its Ladies Lounge exhibit within 28 days, after a ruling was made by the Tasmanian Civil and Administrative Tribunal on Tuesday.
During proceedings, Kaechele told the tribunal that denying men entry to the mysterious room is indeed part of the art — giving them a taste of the discrimination and exclusion many women have experienced through history.

Kaechele said she believed that women “deserve both equal rights and special privileges in the form of unequal rights,” as a means of restitution for historical injustices, “for a minimum of 300 years.”'

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New State Department diversity chief believes US is a ‘failed historical model’ with a ‘colonizing past’

Article here. Excerpt:

'Carr Johnson embraces a "feminist" leadership style, but one that "counter[s] White-centered feminism trends and narratives."

She said in a feminist webinar in August 2020, "Because we live and work within systems… so deeply rooted in patriarchy and colonialism and racism and otherism, we tend to be very resistant to shifts and changes. It's very uncomfortable for many colleagues… A culture of misogyny has allowed men to act without consequence and it becomes part of what we believe is normal, right? In order to make any change, we've literally got to be about the work of dismantling that traditional structure at every juncture."'

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Canadian DNA lab knew its paternity tests identified the wrong dads, but it kept selling them

Article here. Excerpt:

'A Canadian DNA laboratory knowingly delivered prenatal paternity test results that routinely identified the wrong biological fathers — ruling out the real dads — and left a trail of shattered lives around the globe, a CBC News investigation has found.

Harvey Tenenbaum, the owner of Viaguard Accu-Metrics, told a CBC producer with a hidden camera during a conversation in his office that prenatal paternity test results that his laboratory produced for about a decade were "never that accurate."

The hidden camera conversation unfolded in the midst of a months-long CBC News investigation into a years-long pattern of erroneous results produced by Viaguard's non-invasive prenatal paternity testing. The test — if done correctly — matches DNA from a fetus that is in a mother's blood with the biological father's DNA.'

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How Obama Gave Trump the 'Military-Age Males' Talking Point

Article here. Excerpt:

'Immigration hawks want you to believe that men are a threat by default. Figures like former President Donald Trump and current Speaker of the House Mike Johnson (R–La.) argue that immigration is really an "invasion" because many migrants lined up at the border are "military-age males" from "adversarial nations." The implication isn't that these people work for any specific army or militant organization, but that any young man from the wrong country is guilty until proven innocent.

Conservatives and liberals alike might be surprised to learn that this idea was written into U.S. policy by former President Barack Obama. During drone campaigns in Afghanistan and Pakistan, the Obama administration counted any "military-age" men in certain areas as enemy fighters, even if the U.S. government didn't know who those men were. The policy allowed Obama to lowball the number of civilians killed by U.S. drone strikes.

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The report from Canada

Interview here. Another great interview from BlueOrange22 on YouTube.

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The 4B Movement in South Korea and why it's said to contribute to the country's falling birth rate

Article here. Excerpt:

'The Korean feminist movement 4B, which first started in 2019 on Twitter, is blowing up on TikTok.

In a nutshell, the movement advocates for women to reject gender norms, including marriage and child-rearing, in protest of the country's rampant misogyny.

The term was coined by South Korean author Cho Nam-joo in her 2016 novel Kim Jiyoung, Born 1982. The four Bs stand for four principles: “Bihon” (no heterosexual marriage), “Bichulsan” (no childbirth), “Biyeonae” (no dating men) and “Bisekseu” (no heterosexual sexual relationships).

The 4B movement then exploded on TikTok after a TikToker named Jeanie, who goes by denimchromosome, gave a spirited rant about it on Feb 17.

She said the 4B movement is women’s response to “giving up” on men, whom she referred to as “f****** a*******”, adding that women are going to go “extinct”.

“Korean ethnicity is about to go away, and Korean women are literally like…,” Jeanie added while holding up her middle finger.

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The Global Gender Divide We Really Should Be Talking About

Article here. Excerpt:

'A shared trend is a turning away from feminism among young men, even as women turn more strongly toward it. A 2023 survey by Equimundo found that just 47% of men in the U.S. aged 18 to 23 agreed with the statement that “feminism has made America a better place,” compared with 56% of men aged 38 to 45. This is a shocking development.

Perhaps what’s most troubling here is the rise of zero-sum thinking with regard to gender. Some 38% of Republican men, for example, agree with the statement that “the gains women have made in society have come at the expense of men.” Zero-sum calculations of this kind, not only with regard to gender but also race or immigration, can lead to the political equivalent of trench warfare, with each side digging in that leaves everyone worse off.

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Adult woman posed as schoolgirl to molest teen boys

Article here. Excerpt:

'A Florida woman, 23, accused of pretending to be a 14-year-old to molest a teenage boy has been hit with more charges as victims continue to come forward.

Alyssa Ann Zinger of Tampa, Florida, allegedly pretended to be a homeschooled 14-year-old girl to prey on middle schoolers and engage in sex acts with younger boys.

The 23-year-old was arrested in November for engaging in more than 30 sexual acts with at least one student as young as 12 from Wilson Middle School.

Zinger was taken into custody over claims she posed as a home-schooled teenager to contact the victim on Snapchat, before allegedly engaging in a sexual relationship with him.

She was arrested for a second time on Thursday and hit with additional charges for sex crimes after four more victims said that they had been allegedly targeted by Zinger.'

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Support positive masculinity in England and Wales schools, union conference told

Article here. Excerpt:

'Teachers should promote positive masculinity in schools in England and Wales in order to support boys who might otherwise feel demonised and end up turning to “the manosphere” for hope, a union conference has been told.

Charlotte Keogh, a secondary school English teacher from Worcestershire, said boys and young men needed support and guidance as they grappled with ideas about masculinity, rather than being punished and silenced.

The motion, which was carried, advocated for the wider use of the NEU’s “It’s Not OK” toolkit to tackle the problem in schools. Keogh opposed the amendment, however, “on the basis that the toolkit needs to address positive masculinity and seek to better support this culture in our schools and wider society rather than punish and silence our young boys’ cries for purpose, ambition and responsibility”.

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Married teacher, 32, is accused of raping boy, 11, on her bed after sending him nude photos and $700

Article here. Excerpt:

'A married schoolteacher is accused of grooming an 11-year-old boy with nude photos and $700 until they had sex on her bed.

Ashley Elizabeth Bardfield, 32, was arrested on Wednesday night in Mt Zion, Illinois, after the boy helped police with a sting operation.

The sixth-grade substitute teacher at Decatur Public Schools District was recorded telling the boy they could 'do it again' and she couldn't get pregnant.

Bardfield was reported to police after the boy's mother noticed him 'acting differently' after spending the night at the teacher's home on March 29-30.

She went through his phone and allegedly found texts between him and Bardfield and photos of them, including one of them 'flipping off the camera'.'

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Scotland’s Next Farcical Frontier

Article here. Excerpt:

'Buried within the BBC’s report on Scotland’s execrable new “hate crime” law is this little nugget of joy:

The Hate Crime and Public Order (Scotland) Act 2021 creates a new crime of “stirring up hatred” relating to age, disability, religion, sexual orientation, transgender identity or being intersex.

The law does not protect women as a group from hatred.

The Scottish government is expected to include this later in a separate misogyny law.

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Why are women not protected by new hate crime law?

Article here. Excerpt:

'Scotland has introduced a new hate crime law which seeks to protect various categories of people from hatred and prejudice.

Transgender identity is included as a protected characteristic in the legislation.

However biological sex is not, to the dismay of some campaigners for women's rights, including the Harry Potter author JK Rowling.

She recently wrote on X that "women gain no additional protections, of course."
"Women, like everyone else, are already protected from threatening or abusive behaviour in law," said a Scottish government spokesperson.

They added that ministers were planning to go further, by introducing a bill to tackle misogyny which would be "the first of its kind in the world".

The law, said the spokesperson, would "create a new focus on protecting women and girls to address criminal behaviour motivated purely by misogyny."'

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Teacher McKenna Kindred pleads guilty to sexual student relationship but won't go to jail

Article here. Excerpt:

'A former Washington state high school teacher accused of having an inappropriate sexual relationship with one of her students pleaded guilty to the crime but will face no jail time under an agreed plea bargain, court records show.

McKenna Aileen Kindred, who taught at Central Valley High School in Spokane Valley, pleaded guilty to one count of second-degree sexual misconduct and one count of communication with a minor for immoral purposes, according to Spokane County Superior Court records obtained by USA TODAY.

Both charges are misdemeanors.

Court documents show Superior Court Judge Dean Chuang suspended Kindred's sentence but said she must participate in two years of probation, pay a fine and told her she is not permitted to have contact with the victim.'

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Foreskin Appreciation Day, April 4

Say the 'F' Word and Break the Taboo, Learn the Power of the Foreskin

Intact America will give foreskin the respect it deserves on Thursday, April 4 — 4/4, the FOREth Day of April — with the second annual Foreskin Day, a virtual celebration as part of Intact America's national "Skin in the Game" anti-circumcision advocacy campaign. The program will focus on encouraging everyone to get comfortable saying the "F" word — "Foreskin."

Press Release

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On Jontay Porter, the rise of sports betting, and toxic masculinity

Article here. Excerpt:

'Is the legalization and integration of sports betting into mainstream sports media leading to increased toxic masculinity in the sports community?

Okay, I understand this isn’t an undergrad liberal arts course, but hear me out for a second. It’s International Women’s Month, after all. As a woman in the sports space, I face toxic masculinity on the daily, and the sad part is that most of the time, the people perpetuating it don’t even realize what they are doing.

It’s the looks I get when I say I’m at the game as a member of the media, or the way male fans glare at me when they see the credential around my neck. It’s the way I get airdropped anonymous explicit pictures while I’m trying to cover an NBA game from my spot on the media row.'

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