The Female Teacher-Student Sex Epidemic That Nobody Is Talking About

Video here. Better Bachelor reviews the not-so-recent trend of female teachers stat. raping* their students.

*Though often referenced as "having sex with"

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Inside the industry where workers are four times more likely to die by suicide

Article here. Excerpt:

'WORRYING statistics have revealed that builders are more like to die by suicide than any other industry.

And the issue is worsening, despite general efforts to get blokes to open up about their mental health.

New figures show 749 construction workers took their own lives in 2022.

The Build Network UK said deaths increased 12 per cent in a year from 668 in 2021.

It added that suicide rates are the highest of any industry, with labourers four times more likely to die by suicide than the national average.

Network founder Andy Stevens said: “Every year these figures increase and it is time something was done to halt this alarming rise.'

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Teacher accused of having sex with female ex-student and tried to lure her into threesome with her husband loses her license

Article here. Currently she faces no criminal charges. Excerpt:

'A high school teacher has lost her license over accusations she had a long-running sexual relationship with a former female student.

Lindsay Amber Eileen Dolson had been teaching at an unnamed school in Canada at the time, during which she 'committed acts that, in all circumstances, would reasonably be regarded by members as disgraceful,' a discipline committee wrote.

They further branded her actions from about 2014 to 2015 to be both 'dishonorable or unprofessional,' and 'engaged in conduct unbecoming [of] a member [of the Ontario College of Teachers].'

The committee added she 'abused [the student] psychologically or emotionally' to the point where she was left suffering from 'adverse emotional and psychological effects'

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Dads Rock: The Evidence - excellent positive report about fathers

Article here. Excerpt:

'It’s good to be able to share positive news about men and fathers and this article does just that. Largely research based, it debunks some of the myths about fathers, including his time with the children, the positive impact of a fathers’s presence in the home and more.'

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Disney Executive Caught on Tape: ‘There’s No Way We’re Hiring a White Man’

Article here. Excerpt:

'However, after Governor DeSantis and Disney buried the hatchet, those cries died down until now. Twentieth Century Television Senior Vice President Michael Giordano was caught on a hidden video saying that Disney explicitly does not hire “white men” for specific roles.

Michael Giordano’s comments are only a few minutes in the video, with some intermittent reactions; however, Giordano says some damaging things about Disney’s hiring practices and inclusion policies.

Certainly, there have been times where, you know, there’s no way we’re hiring a white man for this…. There are times when it’s spoken.

Reporter: How would they say it?

There’s no way we’re hiring a white man for this role. They’d be very careful how they’d message that to agents.'

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As Ukraine Expands Military Draft, Some Men Go Into Hiding

Article here. Excerpt:

'As Russian forces are on the attack across the front line, the Ukrainian military has been desperately trying to replenish its war-battered forces, embarking on a large-scale mobilization campaign backed by new laws.

While many Ukrainian men have answered the call to serve, some others have tried to evade conscription. Even before the latest mobilization push, thousands of men had fled the country to avoid service, some of them swimming across a river separating Ukraine from Romania. Now, as officers scour the country’s cities to draft men of military age, currently 25 to 60, many people like Vladyslav have gone into hiding, fearful that conscription is a one-way ticket to the front line.

It is not clear how many men are hiding out, but in big cities like Kyiv and Lviv, social media groups alerting members to the movements of draft officers include tens of thousands of members.'

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Alabama college offers $75,000 in trade scholarships to women only

Article here. Excerpt:

'An Alabama college is offering $75,000 in scholarships for trade programs – but only to female students.

The goal “is to promote diversity, equity and inclusion in Gadsden State’s career technical programs,” according to a news release from the community college.

The list of “qualified programs,” include welding, construction technology, and civil engineering.

“This scholarship program is an initiative to get more women into manufacturing, construction, and transportation careers in order to help develop the workforce in our area,” Dean Alan Smith stated in the news release.

Smith did not respond to a voicemail on Monday that asked for comment on potential legal problems for the scholarship.

But Ed Barlett of SAVE Services said the program violates Title IX, a federal law that forbids discrimination on the basis of sex in higher education.

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Firestorm erupts over requiring women to sign up for military draft

Article here. Excerpt:

'But Senate Armed Services Committee Chair Jack Reed (D-R.I.) defended the proposed policy change, arguing that women can hold many warfighting positions without serving as front-line infantry troops.

“Women are doing a remarkable job in our forces today, and if we were in a situation requiring a draft, I think we would need all able-bodied citizens 18 and above,” he said.

“If we go to a draft, that means we’re in a serious, serious situation,” he added.

“It’s not like World War II where we need a lot of infantry. We need cyber experts, we need intelligence analysts, linguists, etc. Wait a second, there are a lot of women out there that can do this better than men,” he argued.'

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Pilot union suggests phasing out masculine terms, says 'cockpit,' 'father' is offensive to DEI culture

Article here. Excerpt:

'The world's largest airline pilot union suggested airmen and women stop using terms purportedly offensive to women and LGBTQ individuals, calling out terms like "cockpit" as non-inclusive.

Air Line Pilots Association, Int’l, represents over 70,000 pilots worldwide and states that it collaborates with a United Nations agency on its policies. According to a diversity, equity and inclusion language guide released in 2021, the ALPA lists numerous terms and phrases to avoid — especially "masculine generalizations" — that it deemed to be non-inclusive.

"Inclusive language in communications is essential to our union’s solidarity and collective strength and is an important factor in maintaining flight safety," the guide states. "The purpose of this language guide is to offer examples of terms and phrases that promote inclusion and equity."

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Paloma Faith says Glastonbury will 'go back to white men again' in brutal verdict of female-led line-up

Article here. Excerpt:

'Paloma Faith has hit out as the Glastonbury line-up as the festival attempts to diversify its performers.

The 42-year-old singer made the remarks as she addressed how there are now more women than men at Glastonbury for the first time following criticism about the lack of female headliners.

Due to previous backlash over the lack of diversity in the line-up, Dua Lipa, SZA and Shania Twain are taking the "Legend" slot.

However, Faith isn't sold by the changes and believes things could soon be back to how they were as she shared her blistering take.

"What tends to happen is they’ll diversify and include non-white races and women again, and everyone says, ‘Isn’t it great? We’re progressing’ – and then it goes back to white men again for years," she commented.'

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What's The Matter With Men?

Article here. From last year but still relevant. Excerpt:

'Richard V. Reeves, a British American scholar of inequality and social mobility, and a self-described “conscientious objector in the culture wars,” would like to skip past the moralizing and analyze men in the state that he finds them: beset by bewildering changes that they cannot adapt to. His latest book, “Of Boys and Men: Why the Modern Male Is Struggling, Why It Matters, and What to Do About It” (Brookings), argues that the rapid liberation of women and the labor-market shift toward brains and away from brawn have left men bereft of what the sociologist David Morgan calls “ontological security.” They now confront the prospect of “cultural redundancy,” Reeves writes.

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UK: Sexual harassment and sexism rife in schools, report finds

Article here. Excerpt:

'Sexual harassment and sexism is “rife” in schools, with support staff complaining of physical advances and lewd remarks, according to a new report.

Unison said its study showed that one in 10 female support staff in secondary schools revealed they have been sexually harassed, mainly by male pupils but also by male colleagues.

Responses from more than 2,000 employees across the UK working mostly in primary and secondary education, included teaching assistants, technicians, lunchtime supervisors and administrators, showed a number of incidents.

These included a male student trying to kiss a female worker and pushing her head into his crotch, boys trying to touch or slap a staff member’s bottom and a headteacher telling a female colleague to “stand here and look pretty, I’ll do the talking”.

Around one in seven school staff also reported they had witnessed sexual harassment in their workplace in the past five years.'


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Platonic Marriages: Why Women Are Getting Hitched To Their Besties

Article here. Excerpt:

'In an era where traditional definitions of marriage and family are increasingly being challenged and redefined, a new trend is emerging: women are marrying each other not out of romantic love, but for practical and legal reasons, according to a recent article in the New York Times.

These unions, often formed between besties, offer a host of benefits—from legal protections and insurance benefits to shared responsibilities and mutual support at work functions. I was deeply curious about this phenomenon, as it is part of a deeper discussion happening between women around the topic, “Do we really need men?”

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Opinion: Women education leaders need better support and sponsorships to help catch up

Article here. Excerpt:

'In matters both big and small, women in education leadership are treated, spoken to and viewed differently than their male colleagues. And it impacts everything from their assignments and salaries to promotions.

The career moves that are open to aspiring women leaders often propel them toward a very real glass cliff — leadership roles in which the risk of failure is high. By failing to address this bias, states and districts are constraining the rise of some of their most capable current and would-be leaders.

New survey data and research illuminates the experiences and perspectives of women who confront this bias and demonstrates the need for systemic change to dismantle the bias driving the gender gap.

The glass cliff for women is real, but it is not insurmountable. If more leaders — both women and, critically, men — take even a few steps forward, we can build a bridge to a future in which every leader can reach their full potential.

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College enrollment drops as men stop viewing high ed as helpful for employment

Article here. Excerpt:

'College enrollment among men had steadily fallen for years, according to a December report from the Pew Research Center. The report came out months before the recent wave of anti-Israel campus protests, which have drawn widespread condemnation for their anti-Semitic incidents, disruptiveness, and attacks on law enforcement.

“This shift is driven entirely by the falling share of men who are students at four-year colleges,” the report explains. “Today, men represent only 42% of students ages 18 to 24 at four-year schools, down from 47% in 2011.”

“Today, only 39% of young men who have completed high school are enrolled in college, down from 47% in 2011,” the report continues. “The rate at which young female high school graduates enroll has also fallen, but not by nearly as much (from 52% to 48%).”'

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