Australia: Teacher abuse charges tossed as law didn't cover women

Article here. Excerpt:

'An ex-teacher has had her historical sex abuse charges quashed because the relevant 1970s laws did not apply to women abusing boys.

Helga Lam, a former teacher at a Sydney boys' school, had been charged with 15 counts of indecent assault on four school boys for alleged offences dating back to 1978.

But the top criminal appeal court in NSW tossed the charges on Monday, with three judges agreeing to quash the indictment.

Claims against Lam included penile-vaginal intercourse with the complainants, as well as masturbating them, performing fellatio on them and telling them to perform sex acts on her.

Three complainants were willing participants, while the fourth said "he was fearful and upset when the applicant performed sexual acts upon him", Meagher noted.

At the time of the alleged offending, the students were aged between 13 and 16.'

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