Interview with Kirsha Kaechele about the Ladies Lounge

Article here. Excerpt:

'Let’s move to the man who has placed himself at the centre of all this. I notice people have many opinions on Mr. Jason Lau. What is your take on him?

I like him. I think he’s cute. And sincerely interested in the law. It was a pleasure to be courted by him.

So you welcomed the case.

Being taken to court was a dream come true. I was utterly delighted. And I think Mr. Lau was very brave. He brought an earnest and steady resolve.

I am genuinely grateful to Mr. Lau for taking the Ladies Lounge to court, so that we may exercise the argument. He is essential to the art, and I would like everyone to leave him alone now and focus instead on the horribleness of men in general.

Do you think they are horrible?

Yes. They really are.

You say women deserve three hundred years of reparations in addition to equal rights. Do you think that is fair?

Yes. To equalise historical injustice, it is my assertion that women deserve both equal rights and special privileges (in the form of unequal rights, or chivalry) for a minimum of three hundred years. I’m deeply disappointed by Australia’s abandonment of chivalry alongside the introduction of equal rights, and would like to see its reinstatement as a central element of any reparations package.

How are other men responding to this?

Enthusiastically. We’ve been flooded with applications for the role! But men who don’t qualify … you know, you must be under the age of 25 and good looking … less so. They’re very upset—on the verge of hysteria in fact. Of course, they’re saying I’m hysterical … And I hope they’re right.'

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... that's hard to reason with.

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