Thousands Of People Sign Two Petitions To Kick Harrison Butker Off Kansas City Chiefs

Article here. Excerpt:

'Of course, the woke mob is coming for Harrison Butker now. Of course, it's trying to have him canceled by getting him fired.

It's part of the playbook. It's not surprising.

The problem here is the mob is about to run headlong into a meritocracy. The NFL struggles to cancel anybody – at least not on the first try – because NFL teams in business to win usually keep the best people around regardless of their failings.

Or perceived failings, in this case.

Butker is now in the crosshairs of multiple petitions at that -- get this -- call "upon the Kansas City Chiefs management to dismiss Harrison Butker immediately for his inappropriate conduct."

There isn't just one petition but two that are calling for Butker, the Chiefs' kicker, to get the, boot. The more prolific of those two petitions set its initial goal of 35,000 signatures. It has more than 94,538 as of Thursday morning.

The petition has, here we go, moved the goal post to now collecting 50,000 signatures.

A Chiefs' spokesman was not immediately available for comment.'

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