Scotland: Misogyny could be made a hate crime under new recommendations

Article here. Excerpt:

'The Scottish government is to consider making misogyny a stand-alone hate crime.

A working group set up to look into tackling violence and harassment against women has recommended the creation of a Misogyny and Criminal Justice (Scotland) Act.

It would include misogyny as an aggravation in crimes such as assault and threatening behaviour and create three new offences:

• Stirring up hatred against women and girls
• Public misogynistic harassment
• Issuing threats of, or invoking, rape or sexual assault or disfigurement of women and girls online and offline'

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Ladies, it's time to help our boys

Article here. Excerpt:

'American women seem to be of two minds about feminism. Opinion polling from Pew in 2020 shows that most women under 30 (68 percent) identify as feminists. Feminism tugs at our aspirations and summons our loyalties. We want to be strong, confident, and self-reliant, like the pictured feminist. Our mothers and grandmothers have told us dismaying stories of what the workplace was like before the cultural shifts of The Feminine Mystique.

Yet nearly 40 percent of women also believe that feminism is polarizing. They are right: Modern feminism is a branch of identity politics. By functioning as an interest group that solely represents women, it has been (at best) deaf to other injustices, including a crisis in our own homes: the boy crisis.

The Boy Crisis, written by Warren Farrell and John Gray, tells the staggering story of how our young men are being left behind. By the eighth grade, 41 percent of girls are at least proficient in writing, compared with just 20 percent of boys.

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Captured Russian troops in tears over invasion

Article here. I am not posting this to elicit sympathy for the Russian invasion. (Clearly this is Putin's war, not the average Russian's.) I post it to show how men are affected by war and in particular to show how they have been treated as instruments of war rather than as human beings. This is how war dehumanizes men when they are used by a country's gov't. Until it becomes totally unacceptable to use men as war instruments, tragedies like war will continue. Excerpt:

'Captured Russian soldiers broke down in tears as they told their families they had been 'sent to their deaths' in Ukraine.

The prisoners of war were interviewed on camera by Ukrainian forces and said they had been used as cannon fodder in the war.

It comes after Ukraine claimed it had killed 6,000 Russian troops durning the first six days of the invasion.

Now footage is being shared online showing some of the captured invaders complaining about the war.

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Russian men fleeing Russia over conscription

Article here. Excerpt:

'Thousands are said to be trying to reach the United States to claim political asylum and avoid being forced to fight in the war with Ukraine. US immigration lawyers have reportedly been overwhelmed with requests from Russian men and their families asking if America will grant them political protection following Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

Record numbers of Russian citizens have already been crossing into the US from Mexico to claim political asylum in recent months, according to the Telegraph, in response to Putin’s increasingly brutal crackdown on opposition.'

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German state expands protection for male victims of intimate partner violence

MANNdat report (in German) is here. Translated article:

While the 14th female family minister in a row, Anne Spiegel (Greens) makes male victims of violence invisible in the usual way, one has to descend from the federal to the state level in the search for progressive approaches and then finds them - unexpectedly - with female equality ministers of the CDU.

The government of North Rhine-Westphalia (CDU/FDP) wants to expand its commitment to protecting male victims of intimate partner violence. At the beginning of this year, the number of sheltered places is set to double to 16. Equal Opportunities Minister Ina Scharrenbach (CDU):

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What Representing Men in Divorce Taught Me About Fatherhood

TEDx talk here. Came across this and thought I'd share.

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Largely unseen and unsupported, huge numbers of student fathers are quitting college

Article here. Excerpt:

'While his wife was in labor in the hospital with their third child, Joshua Castillo was in the waiting room completing a computer science final and two quizzes.

By then he was accustomed to juggling the demands of fatherhood with the unyielding deadlines and expectations of college, where he is studying computer science while working full time and helping raise his kids — a responsibility for which he said he doesn’t get much sympathy from faculty.

“Most professors that I’ve come across are really in the mind-set of, this is your full-time job, this is all you have to worry about right now.”'

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Editorial: Do as I say, not as I do

Article here. Excerpt:

'Over the past few days, Binghamton University sociology professor Ana Maria Candela has come under fire for implementing what is called a “progressive stacking” model in her Sociology 100: Social Change: Introduction to Sociology course. This model would prioritize calling on nonwhite, female or generally shy students during class discussions.

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Sudbury letter: Men and boys face challenges, too

Article here. Excerpt:

'With the correction, the Status of Women Committee’s call for comment on intimate partner and domestic violence gave me hope that, finally, we realized some domestic violence is genderless. My hope quickly turned to indignation when I read what the study will investigate:

– causes of intimate partner violence, including toxic masculinity;

– ways to improve support and protection for women and girls; and

– ways to eliminate barriers facing women and girls seeking to leave unsafe environments.

This wording perpetuates the myth men are violent and women are victims and leads to engrained sexism and misandry beliefs, prejudice, bias and bigotry, harmful to all Canadians.'

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Modis and Microsoft launch ‘women only’ space and defence training

Article here. Excerpt:

'To help address industry diversity, Adecco subsidiary Modis has partnered with Microsoft to launch a new training course for women in South Australia interested in the space and defence sector.

Targeted at current students and recent graduates, the free, 10-week Tech Start program will commence in March, and is open to any interested female applicants interested in pursuing a career in the space, defence and technology sector – regardless of their academic and professional backgrounds.

“Tech Start further demonstrates our commitment to supporting Australia, and South Australia, in becoming a leading player in the global space industry,” said Lynn McDonald, head of Microsoft’s Azure Space, which set up shop in Adelaide innovation district Lot Fourteen last year.'

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Why this venture capital firm is only hiring women in 2022

Article here. Excerpt:

'It’s no secret that venture capital has a diversity problem. Your typical investor is white, male, and holds a degree from Harvard or Stanford.

Here’s how one firm is tackling the problem: No more hiring men.'

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Short men don't have rights

In a strange episode in the professional gaming world (yes, people really do get paid to play computer games, just as they do football and other games) a woman has been sacked for saying men don't have rights.

Japanese woman Kana ‘Tanukana’ Tani actually picked on men under 5'7" (1.7m) as not having rights. In so far as men are lacking rights regardless of height, she is obviously correct.

In a statement redolent of standard communist indoctrination, her Japanese sponsor is promising better re-education of anyone they sponsor in future .. in the name of 'diversity'.

More detail here.

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Ministers to reject making misogyny a hate crime in England and Wales

Article here. Excerpt:

'Ministers will reject making misogyny a hate crime in England and Wales and urge MPs to get behind controversial legislation that has been criticised for curbing the right to protest as the government seeks to push through major changes to the criminal justice system.

The Home Office said its rejection is based on a Law Commission report, which warned that extending hate crimes to cover misogyny would prove “more harmful than helpful” to victims of violence against women and girls.

The government says it is also “carefully considering” a new offence of street harassment that would criminalise the verbal abuse of women, pestering and persistent cat-calling or making lewd comments.'

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UK private businesses urged to raise boardroom gender parity

Article here. Excerpt:

'Britain’s biggest private businesses will be expected to match listed companies on gender parity, as ministers launch a fresh push for more women to be appointed to senior leadership positions.

The FTSE Women Leaders Review, a business-led body backed by government, have published voluntary recommendations that set a target for FTSE 350 companies to increase women’s representation to at least 40 per cent of both boards and leadership teams by the end of 2025.

The review also set a voluntary goal for companies to have a woman in at least one of four key positions: board chair, senior independent director, chief executive and or finance director.

For the first time, these targets will apply to the largest 50 private companies in the UK by sales, a group likely to include some big law and consultancy groups, as well as the employee-owned John Lewis partnership, family businesses such as JCB and Dyson, and private equity owned companies.'

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IRL: Meeting gender quotas will be difficult for GAA, admits Tom Ryan

Article here. Excerpt:

'GAA director general Tom Ryan admits the organisation faces a major difficulty to meet gender representation quotas on their committees.

Minister of State for Sport Jack Chambers has raised the possibility of withholding funding from sports bodies who do not appoint more women to their boards.

In his annual report, Ryan conceded the GAA has a major task on its hands to meet the 40% target by the end of next year.

He wrote: “A key objective of the leadership and governance target area for the sporting sector in general is to progress towards greater gender balance in board membership of bodies that are funded by the state. Minister Chambers has asked that all NGBS achieve 40% gender representation on their boards by the end of 2023.'

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