Australia: Headmaster of The King’s School accuses media and government of ‘deriding’ elite all-boys schools

Article here. Excerpt:

'Tony George, the principal of The King’s School in North Parramatta, penned a piece in the school’s journal Leader, published on Tuesday. His article, titled A call to empathy: Educational Leadership at The King’s School, accused the media of creating “clickbait” stories to “deride” boys’ private schools in Australia.

“Instead of acknowledging and celebrating the significant achievement and contribution of independent schools to society, sections of government and the press seem intent on deriding independent boys’ schools with any story they can concoct,” George wrote.

The headmaster suggested terms like “toxic masculinity” have become a “memetic cliche”; that is, a cliche used to generate internet memes and jokes.

“To be clear, any kind of toxic behaviour is bad, whether by males or females in single-sex schools or co-ed schools,” George wrote.

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YT's BlueOrange22 discusses Australian "femicide" campaign

Video here. In brief, he discusses the recent push to stop "femicide", contrasting the number of murders of men to that of women, and starts asking questions.

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Teacher had baby with underage student — while on bail for sex with different boy, jurors told

Article here. Excerpt:

'A UK teacher had a baby with an underage student she had sex with dozens of times — while out on bail for sex with another 15-year-old boy, jurors were told.

Manchester math teacher Rebecca Joynes, 30, groomed the first boy by taking him shopping for a Gucci belt worth the equivalent of around $430, the accuser told cops in an interview played in court, according to the Manchester Evening News.

She then drove him back to her apartment for unprotected sex, “laughing” when he told her he was too young even to drive, jurors were told.'

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What the 4B movement and boycotting men tells American women about where we are

Article here. Excerpt:

'Today, in South Korea, the "4B movement" − based on four Korean words that start with the letter B − is led by women protesting rampant misogyny, gender-based violence and discrimination.

These women are reclaiming their autonomy by refusing heterosexual marriage (“bihon”), childbirth (“bichulsan”), dating (“biyeonae”) and sex (“bisekseu”). Though some might want marriage or children, the risks of having to conform to traditional gender roles outweigh any benefits. Abstaining is the only way women can maintain a sense of self.
There are always exceptions to the rule, of course, but as women increasingly de-center men from their lives, having to no longer rely on a man for survival, men are threatened and mistaking women’s liberation for misandry, or hatred.

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Women-only exhibit to become a toilet to keep men out

Article here. Excerpt:

'A museum in Australia is fighting to keep its exhibit women-only after a court ordered that men should be allowed entry under anti-discrimination laws.

Tasmania's Museum of Old and New Art appealed on Tuesday to reverse the ruling, arguing it took "too narrow a view on women's historical and ongoing societal disadvantage" and how the Ladies Lounge can "promote equal opportunity".

The court issued its order in April following a gender discrimination lawsuit filed by New South Wales resident Jason Lau, who was denied entry into the lounge.

Kirsha Kaechele, the artist behind the lounge, has said she will challenge the ruling by making the space "compliant" with regulations.

The lounge, which contains some of the museum's most-acclaimed works - from Picasso to Sidney Nolan - has been closed to the public since the court's order.

Ms Kaechele's plans involve transforming the velvet-clad lounge into a women's toilet and a church - which she claims will allow it to continue operating as a women-only space under legal exemptions.'

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The Parents Who Want Daughters—and Daughters Only

Article here. Remember, selecting for boys is sexist and patriarchal, while selecting for girls is pregressive and an all-around positive! Excerpt:

'These patients are seeking not just choice. Many, like Amy, want daughters. The ability to act on that desire—an option mostly unheard of in the rest of the world—has sparked a small but growing trend in American family planning. It has expanded the concept of reproductive choice and bodily autonomy to for-profit procedures that will alter future generations. It speaks to a crisis in boys and lopsided expectations for daughters. And even among the people who are opting in, it’s creating concerns about the degree of control some parents are attempting to wield over a baby’s destiny—and whether they can ever really exert that control at all.
Grace, a 31-year-old who works in human resources (I’m referring to her by her middle name), told me, “When I think about having a child that’s a boy, it’s almost a repulsion, like, Oh my God, no.”

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Boy Scouts of America changes its name after 114 years to boost inclusion

Article here. Don't hold your breath waiting for the GSA to go co-ed. They'll go out of business before letting those icky boys anywhere near them. Excerpt:

'Boy Scouts of America is changing its name for the first time in its 114-year history in a bid to 'boost inclusion'.

The Texas-based organization is set to become Scouting America as it hopes to improve participation amid flagging membership.

The historic change is the latest in a series designed to take the troop into the 21st century, including allowing gay youth and welcoming girls throughout its ranks.

It comes as the organization is emerging from bankruptcy following a flood of sexual abuse claims.

'In the next 100 years we want any youth in America to feel very, very welcome to come into our programs,' Roger Krone, who took over last fall as president and chief executive officer, said in an interview before the announcement.'

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Rising Number of Men Don't Want to Work

Article here. Excerpt:

'American men are opting out of the workforce at unforeseen rates.

For many, it's not an issue of not being able to find a job. They have simply opted out altogether. The Bureau of Labor Statistics found only 89 percent of working age men have a job or are actively looking for work. In 1950, that number was at 97 percent.

While the early 1950s saw around 96 percent of working age American men between the ages of 25 and 54 working full or part-time jobs, that proportion has now moved to just 86 percent, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

And as fewer men financially support themselves, there are long-reaching economic and societal implications, experts say.'

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Biden Admin Is Weaponizing Title IX To Promote Fringe Sexual Politics

Article here. Excerpt:

'The evolving definition of sex discrimination was a product of feminist advocacy. But that evolution always threatened—and continues to threaten—fundamental rights such as free speech and due process. By the subjective standards imposed under the DCL, "You look pretty today!" could qualify as Title IX sexual harassment if the statement is deemed hostile and affects someone's studies. So what happens, then, to free speech? And if students engage in sexual "hook ups" but later one student feels consent was lacking, are colleges equipped to investigate and adjudicate claims of criminal acts like assault and rape? What about protecting due process—such as the presumption of innocence and the right to see evidence—for those accused?'

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Hating men is weird

Article here. Excerpt:

'I love being a guy.

My masculinity is something that I grew up being ashamed of expressing, growing up in a more conservative household. As a transgender man, I was in denial of it for a long time, and the day I decided not to be anymore felt like coming home from a decade-and-a-half shift of work where I could finally take off my shoes and rest. Nowadays, I take a lot of pride in the guy that I get to be and am growing into as well as the fact that being masc is no longer an evil, life-destroying specter looming over me.

All of the above are among the many reasons I refuse to get TikTok. A lot of more liberal spaces on the app — even (and especially) Queer spaces — tend to have very negative rhetoric around men and masculinity. Phrases like “kill all men” or “all men are trash” are common to hear while online. This has extended to in-person talking habits; if I had a dollar for every time I’ve had to grit my teeth and bear a friend saying something to this effect to my face, I might finally be rich enough to pay for law school.

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The Banned Fantasy Novels Feminists Hate

Interesting article here. Doubt it's in your local library. Excerpt:

'HOWEVER! There is one series that was driven from bookstores, and by the late 90s was almost totally disappeared based purely on the... "feelings"... it generated in its readers. A fantasy series set entirely on another world with more or less nothing to say about politics back on earth, awakened... stirrings... in its readers so disturbing to the powers that be it had to be stopped.

The Chronicles of GOR by John Norman (Pen-name of Philosophy Professor John Lange)

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Ukrainian men abroad voice anger over pressure to return home to fight

Article here. Excerpt:

'With Ukraine desperate for soldiers to reinforce its crumbling defenses against Russia’s invasion, Ukrainian embassies have temporarily suspended consular services for fighting-age men, placing new pressure on them to go home to fight.

The suspension of citizen services, such as passport renewals, is intended as a preliminary step to a new mobilization law that will go into force on May 18. It will require all men ages 18 to 60 to update their personal information with a local draft office within 60 days.

Martial law, in effect since the start of Russia’s invasion in February 2022, prohibits men ages 18 to 60 from leaving the country. But many men who were afraid of being sent to the front have fled. Thousands of others were already living abroad. Now, all of them face pressure under the new rules, which could restrict their movements.'

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UK: Gang of women weep in court after kidnapping and beating innocent stranger

Article here. Slap on the wrist. Excerpt:

'Two women who kidnapped an innocent victim before driving her to a secluded area and beating her have been jailed.

Bitterly jealous Nadia Gubran, 21, plotted to kidnap a nursery nurse after she suspected she had been exchanging Snapchat messages with a man she herself was interested in.

Gubran recruited best friend Alya Dahshan, 21, and Layla Obad, 20, to carry out the ambush at around 6pm on March 21 last year.

The gang tracked the 23-year-old victim to her place of work, and followed her in Gubran’s Volkswagen Golf as she made her way down Hartington Road, Liverpool.'

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Australia declares billion-dollar war on 'toxic masculinity', twisted AI porn and domestic violence after horrific spike of alleged murders

Article here. Excerpt:

'Anthony Albanese will ban 'deepfake' and artificial intelligence pornography as part of a $925million bid to combat the shocking rise in violence against women.

The Prime Minister convened a National Cabinet meeting on Wednesday following a surge in women being allegedly killed by men known to them since the start of 2024.

Speaking immediately after the meeting with the nation's state and territory leaders, Mr Albanese announced a suite of new measures to reduce violence, which he described as a 'scourge' on society.

Mr Albanese noted community concerns about 'toxic male views online' and 'young men's exposure to violent imagery' on the internet.

Ms Rishworth added that violence against women will only end with generational change, and that young boys need 'positive role models' to 'counter negative stereotypes'.

Mr Albanese, along with Ms Rishworth, announced a leaving violence program, which will receive $925million in funding in the May Budget.

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Jack Kammer interviewed by BlueOrange22

Jack Kammer was just interviewed by BlueOrange22. They have an interesting 40 minute discussion about men's issues, which can be seen here.

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