At-home saliva test to detect prostate cancer ‘better than blood samples’ – and could ‘turn the tide’ on killer disease

Article here. Excerpt:

'MEN could be checked for prostate cancer with a simple saliva test after a trial found it works better than blood testing.

It could save them unnecessary GP visits and embarrassing physical exams.

Scientists at the Institute for Cancer Research in London said the DIY spit test would catch more aggressive tumours and lead to fewer false alarms than the current NHS system.

Men simply spit into a tube at home and send the sample off for lab analysis.

Their DNA is checked for high risk genes or damage that could indicate prostate cancer, which is the most common type in men, with 52,000 cases per year.

Patients with the most concerning results are sent for further scans and exams, while those with low-risk scores can be discharged.'

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