When is it appropriate and lawful for policies to dictate specific behaviors based on gender?

Article here. Excerpt:

'Recently, Victoria’s government in Australia announced the creation of a new parliamentary role aimed at changing men’s behavior to address gender-based violence. This decision marks a significant step in the government’s strategy to combat violence against women by focusing on men as the primary agents of change. While the intention to eradicate such violence is commendable, the approach raises profound concerns about gender bias and societal division.

Labeling the issue as one that primarily or solely requires change among “all men” inherently suggests a collective guilt that overlooks individual differences and circumstances. Such a blanket approach can be perceived as misandric, potentially alienating not only many men who are non-violent but also those who are themselves victims of abuse. If the roles were reversed, with similar initiatives targeted exclusively at women, public outcry would likely be immense, pointing to a societal double standard in addressing gender issues.

Describing a need to change the behavior of an entire gender could also be viewed as a form of coercive control, implemented at a national level. This methodology risks simplifying the complex nature of abusive behaviors and may lead to unintended negative consequences, including increased gender polarization and societal discord.'

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