Australian State Creates 'Secretary of Men's Behavior Change'

Article here. Excerpt:

'Make of this what you will because it left me scratching my head this morning. But just in case something similar pops up in the United States in the near future (don't rule it out), we should probably keep an eye on the situation. This story comes to us from Victoria, the second-largest state in Australia by population. Jacinta Allan of the Labor Party serves as the Premier there and she has just announced the creation of a new position in the state's Parliament. It's called the "Parliamentary Secretary for Men's Behavior Change." That's quite a mouthful, but all of the word salad that accompanied the announcement didn't do much to clarify precisely what the new Secretary is supposed to do or what powers or authorities they are being granted. In any event, the first person to hold the title is Tim Richardson, an MP from Mordilloc. Best of luck, mate. (Daily Wire)'

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