Air Force leaders set new goals to diversify officer corps

Article here. Excerpt:

'As for gender, it wants an officer applicant pool that is 64% men and 36% women. That aims to slightly even the split from the 2014 goal of 70% men to 30% women.

As of June, just 23% of active duty Air Force and Space Force officers were women, according to the Air Force Personnel Center.
Military officials are careful to say their diversity goals are not quotas — which are illegal — and that they will not turn away applicants for the sake of meeting a particular demographic breakdown. All recruits, regardless of gender, race or ethnicity, have to meet the same standards for entry.

“These goals are aspirational … and will not be used in any manner that undermines our merit-based processes,” the memo said.'

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Gone girl(boss): Troubled co-working space The Wing announced it's shutting down, but all anybody cares about is what will happen to its furniture

Article here. No surprise. Limiting your customer base to only women in need of co-working space and charging an arm and a leg for it is not a winning business formula. Excerpt:

'On Tuesday night, The Wing, the all-female co-working space founded by Audrey Gelman and Lauren Kassan in 2016, sent an email to members announcing it would be permanently closing all its locations, effective immediately.

"The operating environment since reopening our six current locations of The Wing, 14 months ago has continued to prove extremely challenging," the message read. "With the backdrop of the Covid pandemic and increasing global economic challenges, we have been unable to recover and grow the level of active membership and event activity necessary to run a financially sustainable operation."'

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Death in Navy SEAL Training Exposes a Culture of Brutality, Cheating and Drugs

Article here. Think this'd be happening if it was all women instead of men being abused this way? Not even George S. Patton would have been fine with this. Excerpt:

'But by the middle of the course’s third week — a continual gut punch of physical and mental hardship, sleep deprivation and hypothermia that the SEALs call Hell Week — the 6-foot-4-inch athlete from Manalapan, N.J., was dead-eyed with exhaustion, riddled with infection and coughing up blood from lungs that were so full of fluid that others who were there said later that he sounded like he was gargling.

The course began with 210 men. By the middle of Hell Week, 189 had quit or been brought down by injury. But Seaman Mullen kept on slogging for days, spitting blood all the while. The instructors and medics conducting the course, perhaps out of admiration for his grit, did not stop him.

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Google Partners With Top Universities For This Prestigious Fellowship. Lawyers Say the Racial and Gender Quotas It’s Imposing Are Illegal.

Article here. Excerpt:

'Google is setting strict caps on the number of white and Asian students that universities can nominate for a prestigious fellowship program, a policy legal experts say likely violates civil rights law and could threaten the federal funding of nearly every elite university in the United States.

The Google Ph.D. Fellowship, which gives promising computer scientists nearly $100,000, allows each participating university—a group that includes most elite schools—to nominate four Ph.D. students annually. "If a university chooses to nominate more than two students," Google says, "the third and fourth nominees must self-identify as a woman, Black / African descent, Hispanic / Latino / Latinx, Indigenous, and/or a person with a disability."

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When it comes to boys, it's schools who are flunking

Article here. Excerpt:

'So why are boys doing so much worse in school than girls?

Brueningsen points to the lack of male role models in schools. As of 2018, only 24% of all K-12 teachers were men, according to the National Center for Education Statistics.

He says data from a major 2015 study shows that the typical school environment may be “more attuned to feminine-typed personalities, making it generally easier for girls to achieve better grades in school.”

He cites a 2016 report from the American Sociological Association that found that boys are punished for their rough-and-tumble tendencies and the punishment makes for a negative learning experience.

Boys are much more likely to hear common teacher criticisms, as I did, that include: “Stop fidgeting! Pay attention! Put that down! Clean that off! Your desk is a mess, Tommy!”'

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Governor Hochul Commissions New Report on Women in the Workplace in Honor of Women's Equality Day

Article here. Excerpt:

'Earlier today, Governor Kathy Hochul announced that the New York State Department of Labor will provide a report analyzing the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on women in the workplace with a particular focus on the multi-layered gender wage gap. This report will build on the findings of the 2018 Gender Wage Gap report, co-chaired by Governor Hochul and NYSDOL Commissioner Roberta Reardon, which included a number of policy and programmatic recommendations to close the wage gap.

Governor Hochul announced the new report on Women's Equality Day, a federally recognized holiday celebrating the 1920 adoption of the Nineteenth Amendment, which granted women the right to vote. The Governor also signed a proclamation declaring August 26 Women's Equality Day in the State of New York and ordered state assets illuminated purple and gold in recognition.'

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Men’s lack of accountability is shackling women in the workforce

Article here. Excerpt:

'Women have more choice in forming relationships than men (they are more “picky”) and have better social cognition that enables them to include and exclude people from groups. As a result, many men turn to women to validate their masculinity, and, in Atwood’s words, fear women will “embarrass” them.

Men are often expected to free themselves from the expectations of their mothers—and women as a whole—at a young age. Supporting women and acknowledging personal flaws requires humility and self-correction. They often score lower on tests of empathy than women, enabling them to disregard others’ emotions, silence other sexes and avoid accountability at all costs.

While women are often taught to be honest and avoid situations that harm themselves and others, men are taught to evade responsibility. Women are taught to accept injury. When we women see a large figure in the streets at night, feel an abusive family member’s anger, or say no to a sexual encounter, we acutely feel this vulnerability.

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Former Spring Hill College student accuses rape accuser of slander in counterclaim

Article here. Excerpt:

'A former Spring Hill College student acquitted of raping a fellow student has accused her of slandering him.

Vassil Kokali’s lawyers made the allegation in a response to a lawsuit that accuser Audrey Cox filed in federal court earlier this year against him and the college.

Cox went public with her allegations last year, accusing Kokali of raping her in her dorm room while she was passed out. A Mobile County jury found Kokali not guilty of rape, sodomy and burglary charges in June.

The federal civil suit is separate. Cox seeks to hold Kokali responsible for rape and accused the school of depriving her of her rights under the federal law known as Title IX.

Kokali’s lawyers fired back this week, denying those allegations and making a counterclaim against Cox, alleging that the Tennessee resident made “false and defamatory” statements about the Italian native. The lawyers are seeking damages for libel, slander and malicious prosecution, among other claims.'

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Former civil servant launches legal case claiming he was sacked for not being a feminist

Article here. Excerpt:

'A former Environment Agency manager is taking legal action against the body claiming he was a victim of discrimination for not being a feminist.

Kevin Legge, 50, says he was forced out of his job at the government agency after taking a stand on his boss' agenda to promote women over men.

He has made a claim to an employment tribunal, arguing feminism is a belief system he does not follow.

The agency denies his claim and says he was sacked for moonlighting as a counsellor during work hours.

But the agency's attempt to have the case thrown out was dismissed by Judge Martin Warren, who ordered a full hearing.'

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Leaked emails that PROVE the RAF is prejudiced against white male recruits

Article here. Excerpt:

'No one draws a crowd quite like Tom Cruise, and when the Hollywood star came to London to promote his new Top Gun movie, Her Majesty's Royal Air Force was handed a priceless PR opportunity.

Specifically, its 'Media & Comms' team was asked if they could find a real-life British fighter ace to join Cruise at one of the media events scheduled around the film's glittering premiere in Leicester Square. In late April, an RAF publicity wallah named 'Sarah' therefore emailed officials at RAF bases, looking for someone to take on the job.

And that's when things took a bizarre — and some might say sinister — turn.'

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My boss said ‘we didn’t need another White guy.’ Say what?

Article here. Excerpt:

'Reader: I was chatting with one of my bosses the other day about a potential new hire. He let slip that the executive team ultimately did not extend an offer because “we didn’t need another White guy.” He literally said this out loud. I was taken aback.

To be clear, the candidate was eminently qualified, had made it through multiple rounds of interviews, and was the clear favorite among almost everyone who spoke with him. Further, it’s not like he lost out to someone else — they simply didn’t hire him, and the company started the hiring process all over again! This was a position where a person’s ethnicity/sex were completely irrelevant (it is a data analytics job).

Karla: Of course it’s illegal to make a hiring decision based solely on someone’s skin color and/or sex. Presumably your boss knows that — or perhaps he mistakenly thinks it doesn’t apply to members of the majority.

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Spain passes ‘only yes means yes’ sexual consent law

Article here. Excerpt:

'Spain’s congress has passed legislation referred to as the “only yes means yes law”, drawn up in the wake of the “wolf pack” gang rape in 2016.

The legislation passed with 205 votes in favour, 141 against and 3 abstentions. MPs from the conservative People’s party and the far-right Vox voted against it.

“It’s a victorious day after many years of struggle,” said Irene Montero, the equality minister. “From now on no woman will have to prove that violence or intimidation was used for it to be recognised for what it is.”

Under the new law consent must be affirmative and cannot be assumed to have been given by default or silence.

It was drawn up after five men raped an 18-year-old woman during the 2016 bull-running festival in Pamplona. In court it was argued that video footage from the men’s phones – showing the woman immobile and with her eyes shut during the attack – was proof of consent.

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AUS: Nightclub bans staring without getting ‘verbal consent’ – and hires ‘safety officers’ in pink vests to police revellers

Article here. Does anyone think this policy will ever be used against female patrons? Excerpt:

'A NIGHTCLUB has banned staring without getting "verbal consent" - and hired "safety officers" in pink vests to police revellers.

The venue also asked clubbers not to turn up if their "sole purpose" for their night out is the meet someone to "pick up".

Club 77 in Sydney said managers will call the cops if clubbers stare at others without getting their consent.

And in an Instagram post, the club said "safety officers" in pink vests would enforce the new staring rules.

Club 77 said it wanted to be a "safe space" and updated its rules as it had recently "attracted some people who do not share our values and ethics when it comes to club culture".

It said: "Creating a safe space goes beyond implementing practices to deal with incidents after they have happened.'

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“You cannot send a man to do a woman’s job,” decries Maloney in new campaign ad

Article here. Excerpt:

'A woman’s place is in the House – specifically representing New York’s newly drawn 12th Congressional district, a new television ad from Democratic Rep. Carolyn Maloney asserts.

Maloney, the longtime representative who is now locked in a fierce primary with fellow incumbent Rep. Jerry Nadler to represent much of Manhattan above 14th Street, is putting out a video focusing on Maloney’s battles for women’s rights and reproductive rights for the last half century. “You cannot send a man to do a woman’s job,” Maloney says at the end of the ad, in a not-so-veiled shot at Nadler – and presumably also at Suraj Patel, who is challenging Maloney for the third time. Ashmi Sheth is also running in the primary but has raised little money compared to her opponents.'


Rep. Jerry Nadler beats Rep. Carolyn Maloney in bitter New York House primary

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Feminist ideologues should look in the mirror if they want to know why teenage boys are obsessed with Andrew Tate

Article here. Excerpt:

'Chauvinistic shock-merchant Andrew Tate has recently been banned from Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.

Tate went viral over the last few months, largely due to his odious opinions about women.
Given the disdain for men and boys that has permeated popular culture for the past several years, and the lack of traditionally masculine role models, it’s hardly surprising adolescent boys are gravitating towards uber-macho Tate.

It’s been very fashionable for a long time to blame all of society’s ills on men, demonise their masculinity, and attempt to feminise them.

This is evident not only in popular culture, but in the education system.

The extremes of this attitude were seen at Brauer College in Victoria last year, when male students were forced to stand up and apologise to girls for the “behaviours of their gender”, during an assembly on “rape culture”.'

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