Women-only exhibit to become a toilet to keep men out

Article here. Excerpt:

'A museum in Australia is fighting to keep its exhibit women-only after a court ordered that men should be allowed entry under anti-discrimination laws.

Tasmania's Museum of Old and New Art appealed on Tuesday to reverse the ruling, arguing it took "too narrow a view on women's historical and ongoing societal disadvantage" and how the Ladies Lounge can "promote equal opportunity".

The court issued its order in April following a gender discrimination lawsuit filed by New South Wales resident Jason Lau, who was denied entry into the lounge.

Kirsha Kaechele, the artist behind the lounge, has said she will challenge the ruling by making the space "compliant" with regulations.

The lounge, which contains some of the museum's most-acclaimed works - from Picasso to Sidney Nolan - has been closed to the public since the court's order.

Ms Kaechele's plans involve transforming the velvet-clad lounge into a women's toilet and a church - which she claims will allow it to continue operating as a women-only space under legal exemptions.'

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... put a shitter in their exhibit than allow men. Tells you all you need to know, really.

I wish I lived down there so I could organize a protest if the judge actually allows them to get away with it.

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