What the 4B movement and boycotting men tells American women about where we are

Article here. Excerpt:

'Today, in South Korea, the "4B movement" − based on four Korean words that start with the letter B − is led by women protesting rampant misogyny, gender-based violence and discrimination.

These women are reclaiming their autonomy by refusing heterosexual marriage (“bihon”), childbirth (“bichulsan”), dating (“biyeonae”) and sex (“bisekseu”). Though some might want marriage or children, the risks of having to conform to traditional gender roles outweigh any benefits. Abstaining is the only way women can maintain a sense of self.
There are always exceptions to the rule, of course, but as women increasingly de-center men from their lives, having to no longer rely on a man for survival, men are threatened and mistaking women’s liberation for misandry, or hatred.

In 2023, a team of researchers coined the term “misandry myth” revealing that feminist women's attitudes toward men were no more negative than men's attitudes toward men.
Instead of blaming women, we should strive to understand that this isn’t a personal attack on men. It’s a step forward in dismantling the patriarchy.'

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Basically. Even a male feminist "ally" isn't going to tick all her boxes. She'd rather stay single.

I predict she'll marry herself in 10 years.

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