Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh On Modern Culture Destroying Masculinity

Article here. Excerpt:

'On the campus of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee on Tuesday evening, Daily Wire podcast host Matt Walsh gave a speech on how our modern culture is destroying masculinity.

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Women can now shut down male-only debates in Germany's Green Party

Article here. Excerpt:

'Germany's Green Party has placed the power to debate directly into the hands of women.

A new ruling, adopted at the party's conference in Bielefeld, which ran from Friday to Sunday, stipulates that its female members have the right to decide whether a debate continues in the event of gender imbalance among its speakers.

The Greens had previously ruled that women and men were required to speak alternately during party debates.

In the event that only men were available to speak, all members were required to vote on whether the debate should continue, according to the women's statute in the party's constitution.

But the new ruling states that only female members should have the power to decide whether a discussion continues in such an event.

"If the list of female speakers is exhausted, the women of the assembly should be asked if the debate should continue," the ruling states.

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Girls-only science, technology, engineering, math academy to open in Fayette schools

Article here. Excerpt:

'One of the next new and innovative programs set to open in Fayette County Public Schools is an all-female science, technology, engineering and math academy for girls in kindergarten through eighth grade.

At Monday night’s school board planning meeting, board members approved a job description for a director of the new program. Human Resources Director Jennifer Dyar said the job opening would be advertised nationally and “high-level” candidates would be recruited.

The fiscal impact for the position is $90,000, board documents said.'

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A libertarian group is suing California for allegedly discriminating against men

Article here. Excerpt:

'A libertarian group is suing California for alleged discrimination — against men.

The Pacific Legal Foundation filed a lawsuit Wednesday challenging a new state law that requires California companies to have at least one woman on their board of directors by the end of 2019. The largest California companies will need a total of three female directors by 2022.

In September, California became the first US state to mandate board room gender diversity. About a quarter of the state’s companies don’t have any female directors, and the rest have very few. The law is part of a growing movement to get more women into lucrative positions that have long been held by men.'

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Baltimore Museum of Art will only acquire works by women in 2020

Article here. Excerpt:

'Over the past decade, only 11 percent of art acquired by America’s top museums for their permanent collections was by women, according to a recent survey.

One museum is now taking a bold step to shift this persistent trend.

Next year, the Baltimore Museum of Art will only acquire works for its permanent collection that are created by women, chief curator Asma Naeem said.

The push is an attempt by the museum to “truly be radical and emphasize to the arts communities that we are taking this initiative quite seriously,” and “re-correcting the canon,” Naeem said.

It’s part of a year-long series of exhibitions and programs focused on female artists, coinciding with the 100th anniversary next year of the ratification of the 19th Amendment, which guaranteed women in the United States the right to vote.'

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Women-only street market opens in London

Article here. Excerpt:

'Lady Lane Market, which forms a part of Petticoat Lane Market, features nine stalls although more are due to open in the coming months.

All stallholders have been given council-funded business and social media training.

The project is part of a Tower Hamlets Council and City of London initiative to regenerate the area, at a cost of £2.7m over four years.

"Markets have played a crucial role at the heart of the East End for generations but they have traditionally been male-dominated spaces," Ann Sutcliffe, a corporate director at Tower Hamlets, earlier told the Local Democracy Reporting Service.'

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Motion filing continues in Lafayette City Council employment discrimination case

Article here. Excerpt:

'In the latest round of filings in the ongoing legal dispute between Lafayette and resident Andrew J. O’Connor, the city is seeking to quash a motion to have Magistrate Judge Kristin L. Mix removed from overseeing O’Connor’s employment discrimination complaint. Meanwhile, Cliff Smedley, a co-plaintiff in O’Connor’s complaint, did not sign off on O’Connor’s latest response, saying he disagreed with the language it uses.

On Oct. 28, O’Connor and Lafayette resident Smedley filed a motion to dismiss Mix for having “misandry, lack of impartiality, personal bias and prejudice” against the men because they are representing themselves in court.

The men also filed a complaint of judicial misconduct or disability, in addition to a request for investigation with the Office of the Circuit Executive and with the Honorable Phillip Brimmer, chief judge of the district court.'

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"Male sex robots to replace men as women leave loveless relationships to fulfil desires"

Article here. Excerpt:

'Business owners at sexdolls.com told Daily Star Online that realistic male sex dolls have surged in popularity.

Women, gay men and couples have been snapping up the life-like toys in a bid to satisfy their fantasies.
In the future, those who are tired of dating, or who have unfulfilling love lives, may swerve traditional romance in favour of realistic sex toys.

The experts at sexdolls.com add: “Regards ditching relationships, I'm sure that most women would only ditch an unhappy relationship in favour of a sex doll or robot…

“I can't see them replacing men in the bedroom totally, but sex dolls and robots can provide emotional and physical attraction which may work for a lot of lonely women.”'

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Public university quietly removes ‘women only’ from workout event following Title IX warning

Article here. Excerpt:

'Mark Perry’s side hustle of bugging universities that don’t employ him has borne fruit again.

The University of Michigan-Flint economist likes to send warning letters to Title IX and equity officials when he sees their schools offering events or programs that exclude participants based on gender. Sometimes he files federal complaints.

His most recent target, California State University-Long Beach, retroactively revised an ongoing event sponsored by its Student Recreation and Wellness Center that was advertised as “women only.”'

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Retail Conference Shoptalk to Have Only Women Speakers in 2020

Article here. Excerpt:

'Shoptalk said on Wednesday that its 2020 retail conference in Las Vegas would feature exclusively female speakers in a one-off move the organizer said was meant to address the paucity of women in top roles in corporate America.

The well regarded annual conference, which is scheduled for March 22-25, launched in 2016 and attracted 8,000 people in 2019. The event's organizer says the all-female format will be replaced by a 50-50 gender breakdown starting in 2021. A third of the speakers at its March 2019 conference were women.

"This is not a long-term plan to be 100% women, but to move the needle we really do need to take this quite bold step," Zia Daniell Wigder, Shoptalk's chief global content officer, tells Fortune.'

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Joe Biden's Record on Campus Due Process Has Been Abysmal. Is It a Preview of His Presidency?

Article here. Excerpt:

'Though his reputation rests on his moderation, Biden's approach to campus sexual assault is part of a pattern: He identifies an actual problem, engages in inflammatory—and sometimes false—rhetoric about it, then fashions a harsh, overreaching response that sweeps up the harmless and even the innocent. He has been called to task on the consequences of this approach to the federal wars on drugs and crime. (As a senator, he was a key figure in overseeing comprehensive drug and crime legislation.) Over the years, and especially since announcing his presidential run, he has repudiated some of the policies he previously promoted.

But he continues to tout his work on campus sexual assault. He boasted about it at the second presidential debate. How did Biden come to advocate such extreme policies on this topic? And if he were elected, what would it mean for how he would govern?

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'For me, it goes too far': France grapples with #MeToo era

Article here. Excerpt:

'Reactions in France over the recent news of McDonald's CEO Steve Easterbrook being shown the door for being in a consensual relationship with an employee have been those of shock and dismay.

Some are calling it the latest case of American puritanism, "far from French ways," and reminding the French public that, at least in France, employees and bosses are free to date and protected by their right to privacy.

France is generally a very tolerant country when it comes to intimate relationships. The Paris Court of Appeal even recently acknowledged that an accident during sexual intercourse in the context of a business trip could be considered a workplace accident.
"For me, it goes too far," said Anne Rudisuhli, a psychotherapist who signed a letter with 99 other women defending men's "freedom to importune, indispensable to sexual freedom."'

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UK: Half of new FTSE 100 chiefs must be women to hit gender target

Article here. Excerpt:

'One in every two FTSE 100 executive appointments over the next year will have to go to a woman if the UK is to meet targets to tackle the gender imbalance across British business by 2020, a report has warned.

A “step change” at the UK’s biggest listed companies is needed if they are to hit a key metric where women make up at least a third of executive-level leadership teams by the end of next year.

The latest conclusion from the government-commissioned Hampton-Alexander review means more women across blue chip-listed firms will need to be propelled into key positions , including chief executive, chief financial officer or chief operating officer – as well as senior management that report directly to executives committees – in the coming months.'

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‘She Build’: Creating an All-Women Real Estate Development Team

Article here. Excerpt:

'As a highly successful woman in New York’s male-dominated development arena, MaryAnne Gilmartin has a “mini-obsession”: She wants to oversee a commercial real estate project in which every part of the process is headed by a woman.

Ms. Gilmartin, the founder of L&L MAG, a real estate development company, knows from experience how to run a real estate project. As the chief executive of Forest City Ratner Companies, she oversaw such prominent projects as the Barclays Center in Brooklyn and the Renzo Piano-designed New York Times building in Manhattan.

Now, she has set her sights on doing the same with an all-women team. Ms. Gilmartin calls it a “she build,” and she knows “exactly where to go to find the right woman for every single part of the deal,” she said.'

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Judge approves disabled veteran’s lawsuit against university for anti-male bias

Article here. Excerpt:

'Representing oneself in court is very difficult, let alone in a Title IX case where a wide array of facts, procedures and legal precedent must be carefully laid out.

It’s all the more noteworthy that a disabled veteran suing his former university for anti-male bias has successfully represented himself, to the point where his lawsuit will move into discovery.

A federal judge refused to dismiss several claims against the University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth by John Harnois, who was a Ph.D. candidate in oceanography at the public university.

U.S. District Judge Richard Stearns approved four variations of Title IX claims against various university officials to move forward Oct. 28: selective enforcement, erroneous outcome, creation of a hostile environment and Title IX retaliation. Other approved claims were for due process and state civil rights violations.'

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