Feminizing the Black Beret

Andrew writes "I expected this article to be about the feminist destruction of the American military, particularly in reference to the recent decision to issue the Army Rangers' 'black beret,' previously restricted to an elite fighting force, to all 'soldiers' (including perky girls) regardless of ability or accomplishment. Indeed it began on that subject, but quickly developed into a really excellent analysis of all that has gone wrong in American culture in recent decades, focusing on the 'downsizing' of men and manhood that is the real (and inevitable) aim and effect of the feminist campaign to make everyone 'equal.' And that ultimately can have only one result: as I've noted, while America is working to make its military 'female-friendly,' China is busy toughening up the largest army on the planet. In the real world, which will actually prevail? Are you willing to bet your freedom - or your life - on your answer?" Click on Read More to view more of Andrew's comments and background.As it happens, I've long been a great fan of Chinese culture, and have been studying the language for some years. Nevertheless, I wouldn't want to live in the kind of sociopolitical environment Chinese people seem to like - or at least tolerate. America is far from perfect, to be sure, but it remains the only place on the planet where the citizen's rights are (theoretically, at least) defined as prior and superior to government power. It would be a great tragedy of world history to lose what we have here in the rising sea of feminist/socialist human-termite collectivism. At the moment, unless we turn it around, that is exactly what will happen, and soon.

By the way, I am far from a military cultist; I was a draft-dodger in the Vietnam War (which I don't regret; that war had nothing to do with defending America's hearth and home), have never been in the military or even learned to fight in my youth like a normal boy once would've. In short, I am a product of the times, a good example of the feminist ideal mama's boy 'sensitive' intellectual wussy guy. But I also cannot hide from the truth; indeed, as I grow older and realize how completely I've been lied to throughout my life, I find I have an almost desperate hunger for the truth. And the truth is, in the real world women and men are different, and a country whose men have been feminized will not survive.

Please read this article, and give it some serious thought. It says nearly all that needs to be said, and very well.

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