The unreported gender gap in high school graduation rates

Article here. Excerpt:

'This disaggregated data has proven valuable for assessing progress towards more equitable outcomes, especially for marginalized groups. But there is one glaring omission in the subgroups for which data is available: sex. We do not know the national high school graduation rates for girls and boys, since states are not required to provide this data—but, we argue here, this requirement should be added.

Across the US, fewer boys are graduating

Reliable high school graduation rates by sex are not available at a national level, but, because states are required to track individual students’ graduation status across other demographic groups, many states already collect and publish the rate by gender. (Note that state Departments of Education often report rates by sex, rather than gender identity.) To gauge the national trend, we collected publicly available high school graduation data for the 2016-17, 2017-18, and 2018-19 school years.'

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Council is slammed for 'ridiculous and historical wokery' over plans to remove a statue of a British war hero

Article here. Excerpt:

'Exeter City Council set up a task group after the Black Lives Matter protests to decide whether a statue of General Sir Redvers Buller should be moved from its prominent position in the city.

The review stated the statue had attracted public debate in part due to references to colonial campaigns on its plinth which 'sought to advance British imperialist interests in other countries'.

An equality impact assessment carried out as part of the review also concluded the statue would impact anybody who 'does not define themselves in binary gender terms'.

It read: 'The General Buller statue represents the patriarchal structures of empire and colonialism which impact negatively on women and anyone who does not define themselves in binary gender terms.

'The consultation will need to ensure that the views of women, transgender and non-binary people are captured and given due weight.''

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The Warped Morality Of ‘Wonder Woman 1984’

Article here. Nice to see someone make a few points about this movie, particularly the purloining of a man's body to use sexually. Excerpt:

'Hence, when Diana makes her wish, the resurrection of Steve is the only desire she has (and to be fair, the rest of her life is incredibly privileged and meaningful - what else could she possibly want?). But when Steve is ripped from Heaven’s womb, his soul is placed into the body of … some random guy. A living stranger, whose consciousness simply disappears the moment his body is possessed by the former WWI soldier.

Naturally, Diana is surprised to see him return - but she doesn’t seem concerned with the fate of the stranger - not even a little bit. She simply doesn’t care. In fact, she has sex with Steve, using this man’s body like a silicone sex doll.
The two seem more disturbed by the artificiality of Steve’s return, rather than the non-consensual use of another human’s body for sex (not to mention, the life-threatening circumstances Steve often finds himself in).

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Woman jailed for ten years for child rape with nine of it suspended

Article here. One year. Just one. Excerpt:

'Dillon was sentenced to ten years to life after pleading guilty to first and second degree child rapes.

But she will serve only a year behind bars, with the rest of the sentence suspended so she can get treatment, say court records.

She must also register as a sex offender.

Dillon’s victim was a friend of her son through the Emerald Ridge Lacrosse Club, where she was the “team mom,” investigators said.

Romps took place at her home and at hotels when the team played away between May 2014 and May 2015, said court files.'

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UK: 'Inequality must be removed for Muslim women and white working-class boys alike'

Article here. Excerpt:

'What do white working-class British boys, and Bangladeshi and Pakistani Muslim women who live in this country have in common?

The answer is that when it comes to educational and vocational opportunities, both groups are at the bottom of the table.

And I fear that lockdown will again adversely and disproportionately affect these groups more than any other in society.

It is the duty of those who care about equal opportunities for all to take the lead in raising awareness of these disadvantaged groups.'

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Anti-Sexual Harassment Group Time’s Up Developing App for Women to Address Male Microagressions in Workplace

Article here. Excerpt:

'Coming soon to a workplace near you is a mobile app that will allow women to address male microagressions in the office. The British arm of Hollywood’s Time’s Up movement is reportedly developing an app that will educate women on workplace microaggressions and give them the resources to take action. Microaggressions are small social wrongs and slights that are perceived as overt acts of hostility by victim groups.

Time’s Up U.K. chair Heather Rabbatts told Variety that once the entertainment industry “resets” following the coronavirus pandemic, it won’t go back to the old way of doing things. “We want to build it in a way that speaks to our values and aspirations,” she said, which include a greater focus on intersectionality — the left-wing academic theory that people exist on “intersections” of oppression based on characteristics such as gender and race.

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"Trump Is Leaving, but the Revenge of Men Continues"

Article here. Excerpt:

'When President Donald Trump phoned Georgia’s secretary of state, commanding him to “find” enough votes to overturn the state’s election results, he quite likely broke the laws of this country. However, to at least one defender, the leaked call constituted an even more serious crime: a violation of the Bro Code.

“A man does not release a private conversation he has with anyone. That’s part of being a man,” wrote right-wing radio host Jesse Kelly in a much-mocked viral tweet. “Democrat, Republican, Trump, anti-Trump, none of that matters. You don’t repeat things said to you privately. That’s simple man code.”

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The Sperm Kings Have a Problem: Too Much Demand

Article here. I was tempted to prefix "Humor: " to the title. I post this though as a warning: these men going around handing out sperm w/out going through a sperm bank are looking at possibly getting saddled with child support payments. No contract, no protections. Don't be a sucker is all I'm saying. Excerpt:

'The sperm kings of America are exhausted.

These men are flying all over the place. They are shipping their sperm with new vial systems and taking the latest DNA tests because that is what women want now. Sure, they can talk on the phone, but they say it has to be quick because they are driving to Dallas or Kansas City or Portland, Maine, in time for an ovulation window. They would like to remind me they have day jobs.

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"US democracy faces a bleak future"

Article here. Excerpt:

'As Trump throws fuel on the flames of political distrust in the US, both Democrats and Republicans rush to blame the other. Yet there is one truth above all else which must never be forgotten: like him or loathe him, Trump is right about media manipulation of democracy and Democrats playing Russian roulette with free speech.

If the Democrats aren't lobbying to reduce gun ownership, they are lobbying to have men who identify as women compete in whatever gender.field they wish. If the Democrats aren't trying to vilify men in order to give women more privilege in life, work, marriage and anything else they can find, they are trying to force company and government institution employees to undergo compulsory training to address perceived or imaginary slights (against whichever groups are on their special list of protected status). In fact the only group which is not on the protected list, is that composed of straight white men, the most productive group in most Western countries.

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U-Chicago Science Professor Under Assault For Criticizing ‘No White Men’ Hiring Rules

Article here. Excerpt:

'Professor Dorian Abbot, a tenured faculty member in the University of Chicago’s Department of Geophysical Sciences, is under attack by a mob of university students, faculty, and alumni after he posted a series of YouTube videos criticizing his department’s Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) Committee.

EDI efforts, according to Abbot, “promote a worldview in which group membership is a primary aspect of the human being and different groups are taught to view each other antagonistically.” For this reason, he hoped his videos would ignite a spirited intellectual discussion, while depicting the dangers of vilifying groups based on race, class, and sex.

Unfortunately, in academia, Abbot’s statements are highly controversial. Abbot, who says he’s “just a science guy,” was in shock after he became the subject of a social media firestorm, facing backlash from his students and colleagues, many of whom expressed being “hurt” and feeling “unsafe” due to his beliefs.'

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A feminist government is here

Article here. Excerpt:

'I’ve been writing about the feminist agenda for some 20 years now, warning of its intentions. The year 2021 will finally bring those ideas alive. It has already begun, with the House's proposal to ban the words "he" and "she" from official language. Their claim is gender neutrality in the name of inclusion, but their intent is to obliterate the family. If deleting the words "father," "mother," "son," and "daughter" doesn't convince you of this, nothing will.
What today's Democratic Party wants is a matriarchy. The Shriver Report boasts: “As we move into this phase we’re calling a woman’s nation, women can turn their pivotal role as wage-earners, as consumers, as bosses, as opinion-shapers, as co-equal partners in whatever we do into a potent force for change. Emergent economic power gives women a new seat at the table—at the head of the table.”

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NYC Mayoral Hopeful Yang Addresses Concerns Over Circumcision Stance: ‘I’ve Attended Multiple Friends’ Brises’

Article here. Excerpt:

'Ex-2020 Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang, a likely entrant in the race to succeed New York Mayor Bill de Blasio next year, responded on Twitter on Thursday to questions about past comments opposing circumcision.

“I have attended multiple friends’ brises and felt privileged to do so,” Yang tweeted. “I believe in religious freedom. This is every parent’s personal decision and not a role of government.”

Yang, who filed paperwork last week to run in the upcoming mayoral contest, the Democratic primary for which will be held in June with the general election following in November, was responding to Ben Max, executive editor at the Gotham Gazette.

Earlier, Max had tweeted, “Just learned that @AndrewYang is against circumcision, which may not be helpful in a Democratic primary in New York City.”

Max also linked to a 2019 Daily Beast article, in which Yang spoke out against the practice.

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Infant circumcision may lead to social challenges as an adult

Article here. Excerpt:

'Infant circumcision may lead to social challenges as an adult

Undergoing circumcision as an infant has delayed psychological complications. This is shown by an international study led by researchers from Aarhus University.

Researchers have long disagreed about the health implications - also for mental health - of small boys being circumcised. A study now shows that infant circumcision, which is the case for a third of the world's male population, has consequences in adulthood. Alessandro Miani and Michael Winterdahl from Aarhus University and Aarhus University Hospital have coordinated the study.

"We wanted to challenge the assumption that there are no delayed consequences of infant circumcision apart from the purely physical because of the absence of foreskin," says Michael Winterdahl about the background for the study.'

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Book review: Do we need white men? The surprising answer

Article here. Excerpt:

'This year, you are going to roar.

You're going to seize every opportunity, wrestle every bad habit to the ground, and do better than your best. You're gonna kick the universe in the tail. This is absolutely going to be your year – unless, as in the new book “Mediocre: The Dangerous Legacy of White Male America” by Ijeoma Oluo, someone's standing in your way, now and for a hundred years.

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UK: PCC says sexism and elder abuse should be hate crime

Article here. Excerpt:

'CHESHIRE police and crime commissioner David Keane is calling for sexism and abuse of the elderly to be recognised as a hate crime by law.

Existing hate crime legislation does not cover gender or age, but the PCC says that there is ‘clear evidence’ that this should be the case.

He said: “We know that gender discrimination disproportionately affects women.

“There is evidence of this in the workplace, online and in everyday life – there is also evidence of misogyny leading to other serious crimes such as stalking or harassment.'

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