Transmaxxing: the Incel-To-Transwoman Pipeline

Article here. Dunno what to make of this article. Is it just an entire sh*tpost or is it identifying a discernible albeit marginal trend among modern young men? Disturbing in its implications in either case. Excerpt:

'Imagine you’re a depressed young man in a developed country. Maybe you work long hours for low pay, maybe you’re unemployed. When you were in school, you didn’t fit in with other boys; girls acted like you weren’t even there. You spend most of your free time playing video games and shitposting with online friends you’ve never met in real life. You rarely have sex without paying for it. You consider suicide regularly. To the left, you’re a threat: a woman-hating incel with latent violent tendencies. To the right, you’re a degenerate: a porn-addicted, weak “virgin” who struggles to impose himself on the world.

So where do you go from here? Do you ingratiate yourself with SJWs, or with the chads? Do you succumb to the temptation to commit suicide?

For some men, the solution to the despair of living as an isolated, unhappy male is straightforward: become a woman. ...'

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Stomping on Your Husband's Balls Does Not Make Him More of a Man

Article here. Nice to see it. Excerpt:

'The women's movement has spawned a generation of females who are running the world. They're taking over. They're telling their men what to do and they're stomping on their balls and then complaining about the fact that they're hooked up to a weak man. You can't call your dude a half-man if you're the one who castrated him in the first place. It isn't cool, and it isn't fair.
What I'm arguing for is this: We women want to be treated with respect. We want to be treated as equals. So we should do the same for men. Women treat men like they're children. We need to stop that. The boat has tipped far enough. Everyone deserves respect. Men. Women. Children. And if you want a man to treat you like a goddess, it would help a lot if you treat him well. Otherwise, we women are creating the boy-men who demand their toys and then complaining that they're always watching porn and never growing up. If you want a man, it doesn't hurt to treat your partner like he already is one.'

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Moscow to mobilize 500,000 new conscripts, Kyiv military intelligence says

Article here. Excerpt:

'Ukrainian intelligence officials are warning that the Kremlin plans a new mobilization wave for up to 500,000 men to fight in Ukraine starting in mid-January.

The new conscription drive, which would be larger than last autumn’s Russian draft of 300,000, would include a push in big cities, including some strategic industrial centers in Russia, Andriy Cherniak, an official with the Main Military Intelligence Directorate of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry, told POLITICO on Saturday.

Russian President Vladimir Putin in December said a suggested new conscription wave would be pointless as currently only 150,000 previously mobilized soldiers have been deployed in the invasion of Ukraine. The rest are still training or serving in the Russian rear.'

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Second charity refuses £10k raised for woman guilty of false rape claims

Article here. Excerpt:

'A second charity has decided to “politely decline” £10,000 originally raised for Eleanor Williams, who was convicted this week of perverting the course of justice by lying about being raped and trafficked.

Women’s Community Matters (WCM) in Barrow in Furness, Williams’ home town, was one of two charities that were to split £20,000 crowdfunded for Williams if she did not use it to bring her alleged abusers to justice.

Williams’ grandmother, the Cumbria county councillor Anne Burns, is a trustee of WCM. WCM offered extensive help and support to Williams when she claimed to have been sexually exploited, with her case worker called to give evidence for the prosecution at her trial.

On Friday, Rhona Teale, the chair of trustees, said: “Women’s Community Matters board of trustees met this morning to consider the offer of a donation from [the] fundraising campaign. The board unanimously concluded they would like to politely decline.”'

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Gender diversity on corporate boards can improve organizational performance

Article here. Excerpt:

'Women were more prepared for board meetings and follow-up more with management. Women also asked more questions and were more likely to ask difficult questions. One of the female board member told us:

“Women are less shy about asking questions… Women are much more ready than male colleagues [for a meeting]… They read the material, they are serious and prepared and they have the capacity to have the courage of their opinions.”

Women also sought out consensus more often and thought more about other stakeholders, including employees and clients, than men did. One female board member said:

“There is a sensitivity at the level of women, they will be [more sensitive] to subjects more than men, like the concerns of employees, users of services, single-parent families.”'

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Man in Chicago divorce case jailed like criminal while dangerous suspects run free: lawsuit

Article here. Excerpt:

'One year ago, the governor of Illinois signed into law the SAFE-T Act, eliminating cash bail for all dangerous criminals in the state. And while the law has yet to go into effect amid suits from 65 counties, it will never apply to a former options trader. He claims in a lawsuit that he has spent the last six months in “solitary confinement” in a Cook County jail — over a divorce case.

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Belarus Sign Calls For 'All Male Citizens' To Attend Enlistment Office

Article here. Excerpt:

'The digital text in Russian rolling across the screen says, "all male citizens from 18 to 60 years old must come to an enlistment office or village executive committee to clarify their data."
Although Belarusian authorities announced that there were no plans for mobilization, the process of military eligibility check-ups in the country began in October 2022, Liubakova told Newsweek. This entailed Belarusian men being summoned to military registration and enlistment offices via letters or phone calls.'

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Faux Feminism: Denying Positive Masculinities

Article here. Excerpt:

'I awkwardly used the leading feminist theory to discuss my findings from the first-ever account of the experiences of openly gay male athletes in high school and colleges at the turn of the millennia. Here, I found gay men accepted, on their teams, not stigmatized. I questioned how homophobic heterosexual men could be, or as hyper-masculine as gender scholars claimed, if they were unbothered by the sexuality of their teammates.

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ASU publishes 'black male privilege checklist'

Article here. Excerpt:

'Arizona State University has published on its official website a "checklist" to address "Black Male Privilege."

ASU's “Project Humanities” initiative "facilitates critical conversations among diverse communities through talking, listening, and connecting" by exploring "shared ideas and experiences." The initiative lists several "initiatives," including one called "Privilege and Bias."

According to the university, the initiative "hosted 2-hour workshops that explored everyday manifestations of privilege." The page lists several different events from 2014, and says "These workshops have now evolved to be Humanity 101 in the Workplace: Lessons in Privilege and Bias."
Project Humanities has similar privilege checklists for able-bodied individuals, heterosexuals, thin individuals, and Christians. It also lists “pandemic” privileges, such as living in a house or having health insurance.'

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DAVIA: Domestic Abuse and Violence International Alliance

Article here. Excerpt:

'The highly publicized trial of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, and the global public response to the trial, reveal there is no other topic of public debate in which the claims of gender activists:

  • Diverge so dramatically from the findings of hundreds of research studies, which show that men and women engage in domestic violence at similar rates.
  • Are so implausible and easily discredited, such as the claim that COVID lockdown policies resulted in a “shadow pandemic of violence” against women.
  • Serve to negatively stereotype men and promote policies that violate men’s civil rights, such as the right to due process and the presumption of innocence.

This state of affairs has arisen from a gender ideology that ascribes domestic violence to the existence of “patriarchy.” Gloria Steinem, for example, once insisted that “Patriarchy requires violence, or the subliminal threat of violence, in order to maintain itself.”'

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DV and the LGBTQ+ Community

Article here. By casting DV as exclusively a men vs. women issue, not only do feminists ignore male DV victims in heterosexual rel'ps but they also totally ignore the DV in homosexual rel'ps for both sexes. Excerpt:

'• Around 44% of lesbian and 61% of bisexual women have experienced forms of rape and physical violence by an intimate partner as compared to 35% of straight women.

• 26% of gay men and 37% of bisexual men have experienced forms of rape and physical violence by an intimate partner compared to 29% of straight men.
Behind these statistics are real people with real experiences of abuse. LGBTQIA+ individuals face unique challenges in their journey towards safety and stability. Taylor Brown and Jody L. Herman from the UCLA School of Williams Institute list out just some of the challenges that include:

• Legal jurisdictions of domestic violence that only refer to heterosexual couples'

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Admin Announcement: New SSL Cert Installed

I just renewed our SSL cert., so if you get a new cert. message/warning on your browser when hitting the site, go ahead and accept it. Thank you.

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Texas Supreme Court rules against father seeking to prevent 'chemical castration' of his son

Article here. Excerpt:

'Jeffrey Younger has lost his court case to prevent his ex-wife from taking their son to California, where he could be medically transitioned. Younger has been trying to stop this from happening for years, and said that he has now reached the end of the line.

He wanted the courts to stop his ex-wife from taking the children to California and to protect his boys from medical mutilation at the hands of their mother, who is a pediatrician. The courts prevented him from forcing the mother to bring the boys back from California. Younger has accused her of using the children to help advertise her "inclusive," "gender affirming" practice.

"The Supreme Court of Texas denied my Mandamus, effectively terminating my parental rights. My children are now subject to being chemically castrated in California. Texas is an empire of child abuse, led by Texas judges," he said.'

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New Jersey woman charged with murder in Christmas Day shooting of husband

Article here. Her attorneys say she's innocent even though she said she shot him. This'll be one to watch. Excerpt:

'A New Jersey woman has been charged with murder, accused of fatally shooting her husband, a figure in local Republican politics, on Christmas Day.

Hamilton Township police responded to a residence in the 5200 block of Mays Landing Somers Point Road on Sunday for a report of an injured man, the Atlantic County Prosecutor's Office said in a release.

Officers found David B. Wigglesworth suffering from an apparent gunshot wound. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

His wife, Marylue Wigglesworth, 51, had called 911 saying she had been in a fight and told responding officers she shot her husband, The Press of Atlantic City newspaper reported, citing the arrest affidavit.

She was arrested in connection with his death and booked into the Atlantic County Justice Facility.

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Child Support Changes in Minnesota

Article here. Excerpt:

'With too many parents condemned to poverty because of burdensome child support payments, Minnesota has overhauled the rules for how those payments are calculated.

Starting next week, the minimum per-child payment for noncustodial parents will drop and the calculated payments will be lower if the custodial parent has a higher income, among other changes.

"We want people to be successful, and we want people to meet the expectation that's being set for them," said Shaneen Moore, deputy assistant commissioner at the Department of Human Services (DHS). Its child support unit and county offices serve about 220,000 children in Minnesota and collected and distributed more than $550 million in payments in 2021.'

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