In defense of man: Has the hate men trend gone too far?

Article here. Excerpt:

'College is a long and arduous process of learning and becoming not just a better worker, but a better person. On my journey through this process, I’ve become more cognizant of what I say and how it affects other people.

A phrase that I’ve become stuck on and find myself thinking about often is one that most people give little thought to when they say it.

“I hate men.”

Typically said in a disdainful tone after a man has done something rude or stupid in front of the speaker, the phrase has become a mainstay in our Gen Z vocabularies. The phrase and its variations are all rooted in people’s frustration with the patriarchy and its many manifestations in everyday life.

Most of the time, when exclaiming, “I hate men” or, “Men suck,” I am trying to explain my anger towards only one person when I should be trying to justify my anger at the system or situation that I have experienced. This exclamation is not only useless but harmful to those it is aimed towards. Men are over three times more likely to commit suicide than women, according to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Of those men, less than half of them received some type of mental health care in the year leading up to their death. This is a silent pandemic that has affected men for decades.

This isn’t to say that saying things like “I hate men” will lead to increased suicide, but as I’ve learned more this year, I’ve tried to use kinder and more compassionate language.'

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