Men in power must take lead on tackling toxic masculinity, says Humza Yousaf

Article here. Excerpt:

'Men in positions of power must take the lead in tackling toxic masculinity, which is a root cause of gender-based abuse, Scotland’s first minister has said.

Writing for the Guardian, Humza Yousaf said: “It is simply not good enough to say ‘it is not all men’ and wash our hands of the problem we have collectively created; every single man can, and should, play his role in making change.”

Yousaf said his growing awareness had caused him to reflect on his own behaviour. “Without doubt, in my younger years I will have told a misogynistic joke at the expense of women, or not challenged behaviour that was demeaning to women.”

He said becoming a father to two daughters, as well as witnessing global regression in women’s rights, for example on abortion in the US and education in Afghanistan, had made him determined to use his position to “root out and tackle the toxic masculinity and male self-entitlement that leads to violence, harassment, misogyny and abuse against women”.'

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Craftsman Plumbing Introduces No Mansplaining Guarantee, Setting New Standards in Customer Service and Inclusivity

Article here. Excerpt:

'Craftsman Plumbing introduces No Mansplaining Guarantee, ensuring respectful service for all clients. Empowers women in plumbing, offers expertise, quality service, and transparent pricing.

Craftsman Plumbing, a leading plumbing company known for its exceptional customer service and expertise, is proud to announce its groundbreaking No Mansplaining Guarantee and introduce their new CFOs, - Chief Feline Officers. In an industry where customers often face condescension and patronizing behavior, Craftsman Plumbing stands firmly against such practices and is committed to providing an inclusive and respectful experience to all clients. With this innovative initiative, Craftsman Plumbing aims to revolutionize the plumbing industry by promoting equality, respect, and top-notch service.

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AUS: How do we make the justice system better for victims? This report offers some solutions

Article here. Excerpt:

'Researchers heard from those who said NSW's Sexual Assault Reporting Option (SARO) also had helped when they had been unable to report their assaults to police.

The SARO is an online form that victims can complete if they do not want to speak directly to police but want them to know they have been assaulted.

The process does not constitute a complaint or trigger an investigation, but can be kept on record if the alleged perpetrator is accused of other offences.

But support during the process is still essential, according to those who were interviewed.'

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Is there an agenda behind calling masculinity toxic? Part 1

Article here. Excerpt:

'It seems to be that there is an agenda behind the whole claim of masculinity being toxic. Ironically, the too-tough and too-strong accusation has conveniently turned into a justification to shame men for displaying the personalities that women were told they needed to adopt in order to succeed in the business world. But now, there is a reversal. Women can possess them, but men are expected to change into a softer and more delicate version of themselves. Could it be that it’s a clever way for women to have the more competitive edge? Just a thought.

While recently on vacation, I heard a clip from Jordan Peterson saying that men are the least encouraged species on the planet. Constantly criticized for not doing the right thing, they suffer from a complete lack of praise and support. I know I’ve certainly been guilty of that, and when I heard it, it made me realize that I had to do better.'

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Boys aren't growing more conservative. They're just not that into politics.

Article here. Excerpt:

'Just because young men aren’t currently trending conservative doesn’t mean they won’t in the future, though. Some people see gender politics as a zero-sum proposition — an agenda advocating for one side invariably hinders the other. It’s conceivable that a political party or agenda with a growing popularity among young women might lead some young men to believe it’s not for them. There’s growing belief among young men that whatever past advantages men had in American society are fast disappearing. Nearly 4 in 10 young men say women have an easier time than men getting ahead in American society today, and even more young men (45%) say there is at least some discrimination against men in American society. Roughly half as many young women believe this to be true, and even older men are less likely to agree.'

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France launches anti-sexism beach patrols

Article here. Excerpt:

'Marseille has launched anti-sexism beach patrols that allow women to flag if they are being harassed on a free phone app.

Women on beaches around the city can use Safer Plage, which presents them with three options: “I’m being bothered”, “I’m being harassed” or “I’m in danger”.

A pair of beach mediators is then dispatched to the trouble spot – one to reassure the woman, the other to tackle the harasser.

The app, created by several charities, was first tested at music festivals and Marseille’s Prado beach last year. After proving to be a success – the beach version was downloaded 1,346 times – it has been extended to four other beaches in the southern port city: Pointe-Rouge, Bonneveine, Les Catalans and Corbières.

The local council has spent €116,000 (£100,000) to fund the service and a local poster campaign.'

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Women tend to overestimate hostile sexism and underestimate benevolent sexism in romantic partners, study finds

Article here. Excerpt:

'New research sheds light on biased perceptions of sexist attitudes in intimate heterosexual relationships. The study, published in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, found that women tend to overestimate their partners’ hostile sexism while underestimating benevolent sexism. Conversely, men tend to underestimate their partners’ hostile sexism and overestimate benevolent sexism.

Prior research has mainly focused on individuals’ own sexist attitudes or perceptions of strangers’ sexist attitudes. However, understanding how individuals perceive their intimate partners’ sexist attitudes could have significant consequences for relationship dynamics and overall satisfaction.

“Sexist attitudes have really important implications for intimate relationships between men and women,” explained study authors Nina Waddell, a PhD candidate, and Nickola Overall, the principal investigator at the REACH Lab at The University of Auckland.'

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Peter Schwartz: Is masculinity ‘endangered’? Are schools to blame? What the evidence actually shows.

Article here. Excerpt:

'While women continue to make remarkable strides in education, the economic prospects for men without a college degree have altogether collapsed. And because two-thirds of men older than 25 lack a college degree, the consequences are deep and structural.

Research strongly correlates the relationship between being raised in a two-parent household and higher educational attainment later in life. Children from two-parent families are twice as likely to graduate high school and attend and graduate college compared with those from single-parent families.

Parental education levels also matter. Children with two college-educated parents are nearly three times as likely to get a college degree compared with those whose parents lack college experience. If we focus just on single-parent homes, data indicates a significant gender gap in bachelor’s degree attainment rates between boys and girls from single-parent households.

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UK: White men who failed to join RAF furious after no one is sanctioned over botched diversity drive

Article here. Excerpt:

'White men - derided as "useless white male pilots" - who failed in a bid to join the Royal Air Force are furious no one has been sanctioned over a botched diversity drive that broke equality legislation, and say they want their rejected applications reviewed.

Defence sources similarly expressed dismay at the lack of accountability among the RAF top brass, comparing it unfavourably with how the Army deals with soldiers who get drunk.

It can be revealed that members of a British battle group on a six-month deployment to Estonia this year have been fined a total of nearly £10,000 for alcohol-related misdemeanours - such as urinating in public, breaching a two-pint drinking limit and breaking curfew.'

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Cops send strong message about husband of NY cancer doc Krystal Cascetta, who shot baby in murder-suicide

Article here. Excerpt:

'The husband of a New York City oncologist who fatally shot her 4-month-old daughter before turning the gun on herself was absolutely not involved in the horrible tragedy despite rumors swirling on social media, a New York State Trooper insisted on Tuesday.

Steven Nevel, a public information officer, laid to rest any online rumors that heartbroken husband and father Tim Talty had any involvement in the deaths of his 40-year-old wife Dr. Krystal Cascetta and their baby.

“The trolls on social media are dragging the husband through the mud,” Nevel told “But I can tell you 100% unequivocally, without a doubt, that he did not do this.”

The officer reiterated that Talty — a 37-year-old entrepreneur who owns a protein bar company named after himself — was not at the couple’s $1 million home in Somers at the time of the shootings on Saturday.'

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‘Barbie’ and Mattel are getting ripped for ‘toxic femininity,’ but a scholar of gender and communication says that’s not even a thing

Article here. Excerpt:

'Toxic femininity is a relatively new phrase that emerged in response to conversations about toxic masculinity.

But people who use the term often have very different motivations for doing so – from altruistic concern about the harms of sexism to indignation over men’s ostensibly dwindling power in society. Given these diverse motivations, people often employ the phrase to mean wildly different things.

Psychologists such as Meaghan Rice see toxic femininity as the inverse of toxic masculinity – a constellation of characteristics like meekness, emotionalism, passivity and self-sacrifice. Writing for “Psychology Today,” psychologist Ritch C. Savin-Williams describes toxic femininity as “internalized misogyny” that encourages women to ignore their “mental or physical needs to sustain those around them.”

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Police in England and Wales will pilot project to shift sexism and misogyny

Article here. Excerpt:

'Esther Flanagan has a job on her hands. The behavioural scientist has been tasked with the seemingly impossible: to get police forces across England and Wales to “quit” misogyny and sexism, using similar tactics to those deployed in the major push to reduce smoking in the UK. But she doesn’t seem fazed.

A new initiative designed to combat entrenched sexism and misogyny in policing will use a similar approach to a big government-led push to reduce smoking in England, which resulted in a drastic fall in the number of smokers.

“Different levers were drawn on at the same time to change the same behaviour – and there’s evidence to show that that’s why it worked,” says Flanagan. “That’s exactly what we’re trying to do with sexism and misogyny. We’re going to tap into all of those levers across the system to give ourselves the best chance of shifting that behaviour.”

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Private school overhauls English curriculum to challenge ‘pale, male and stale’ syllabus

Article here. Excerpt:

'The English curriculum at a leading London private school has been overhauled to include queer readings of texts and to challenge the “pale, male and stale” syllabus.

Pupils at the £25,000-a-year Alleyn’s School in Dulwich, south London, whose alumni include Jude Law, Florence Welch and CS Forester, now study books by a broader range of authors, including the first text by a non-binary writer on the A-level curriculum.

Students must choose one coursework text by a writer of colour for A-Level and are encouraged to study queer interpretations of texts including Dracula.

The changes were made to challenge “white-centric, patriarchal and cis-gender ideologies”, said Alex Smith, the school’s head of English.'

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UK: Parents’ anger at ‘divisive’ primary school science homework that ‘excludes white men’

Article here. Excerpt:

'A North London primary school that offered non-white students extra lessons urged its pupils to “challenge the myth” that scientists are “old men… with crazy white hair,” GB News can reveal.

Science homework given at Coldfall Primary School in Muswell Hill called on pupils to look for scientists from “outside of Europe and America.”

The homework recommends a list of scientists worth considering, which does not feature any white men. On its list of scientists to “avoid”, it lists Albert Einstein, Louis Pasteur and Stephen Hawking.

A parent with a pupil at the school told GB News: “This science homework has nothing to do with science at all. It was purely a means of pushing their divisive message on race, and insulting and belittling a whole group of people based on their appearance.

“Why are white men pushed off the curriculum?”'

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When Your Rapist Is a Woman

Article here. An older article but still very germane, it exposes the lie that women don't sexually assault others. Excerpt:

'Sexual assault is perceived as a straight issue, perpetrated by men against women. Thanks in part to the battered women's movement of the 1980s and the growing awareness of the current rape culture in the United States—from assaults on college campuses to abuse within relationships—we've been hearing a predominantly heterosexual story. But there's a scenario that, while less frequent, is no less damaging to the victims it claims: rape between women.

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