California county teacher training: U.S. a ‘parasitic’ system due to ‘invasion’ of white men

Article here. Excerpt:

'As part of its “Ethnic Studies Initiative,” Santa Clara County, California’s Office of Education recently lectured its teachers that the United States is a “parasitic” system which has led to “domestic violence, drug overdoses, and other social problems.”

The county’s teacher workshops were in preparation for implementation of the state’s new ethnic studies curriculum.

California approved the 900-page curriculum last month. Its overview section states oppression will be studied via the intersection(s) of “patriarchy, cisheteropatriarchy, exploitative economic systems, ableism, ageism, anthropocentrism, xenophobia, misogyny, antisemitism, anti-blackness, anti-indigeneity, Islamophobia, and transphobia.”'

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Chesterfield teen gets 35 years for enticing friend to kill man she falsely claimed raped her

Article here. Excerpt:

'A Chesterfield County teen was sentenced Wednesday to serve 35 years in prison for manipulating a close friend to kill a young Richmond man, two days after she claimed the man had raped her. The defendant, however, admitted after her conviction that she lied about a sexual assault.

At the end of a sentencing hearing in Chesterfield Circuit Court, Judge David E. Johnson sentenced Anayah Naree Daily to 60 years in prison with 25 years suspended for murder in the April 29, 2018, shooting of 19-year-old Breland Poole. Daily was 16 at the time of the killing; she turned 19 last week.

“The reckless disregard for human life displayed by the defendant in coaxing the victim to the scene, aiming the triggerman at him and bringing about his murder [occurred] just as surely as if she had stood by the car and pulled the trigger herself,” Johnson said from the bench.'

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Biden wants Congress, not courts, to decide on adding women to military draft

Article here. Excerpt:

'The Biden administration has asked the Supreme Court to let Congress resolve the potential constitutional problem of a male-only draft.

President Joe Biden’s Acting Solicitor General Elizabeth Prelogar filed a legal brief Wednesday in a case that is challenging whether the current male-only Selective Service System, which requires only that men ages 18 to 25 register for a potential military draft, is unconstitutional.

In the brief, Prelogar said that since Congress is considering requiring women to sign up as well, the high court should let the legislative branch resolve the question.'

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AU: 'Cultural Marxism in action’: Year 11 schoolboys ‘shamed’ over gender, religion, skin colour

Article here. Excerpt:

'Sky News host Rita Panahi says we are seeing “cultural Marxism in action” after Year 11 schoolboys were “shamed” for their gender, religion, and skin colour during a talk on privilege and pronouns.

“Parents are rightly appalled … it’s the culmination of the long march through the institutions that began decades ago,” she said.

The schoolboys, from Parkdale Secondary College, were subjected to a “racist, sexist, and religiously intolerant tirade” in the name of “equality and diversity," according to Ms Panahi.'

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UK school bans ‘sexist’ phrases including ‘boys and girls’ and ‘come on guys’

Article here. Excerpt:

'A UK primary school is trying to stop sexism being ingrained into young children by banning language that differentiates genders in the classroom.

Anderton Park Primary, a public school in Birmingham north of London, is encouraging its students to call out teachers for “sexist” language, The Times reports.

Those phrases include “man up”, “grow a pair”, “bossy” and “boys don’t cry”.

Other phrases banned at the school are “let’s go, guys” and “boys and girls”.

Students who call out teachers for sexist comments are rewarded with a certificate.'

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UK: Educate male teachers about sexism to support girls facing abuse, union told

Article here. Excerpt:

'Male teachers and boys must be taught about sexism to support women and girls facing sexual harassment and abuse, a union conference has been told.

The National Education Union’s (NEU) annual conference heard that a “toxic laddish culture” pervades the country’s secondary schools and sexism “stalks the corridors and classrooms”.

A motion passed at the conference said schools should have “robust sexual harassment and abuse policies” in place so teachers and students felt safe.
Delegates voted for male teachers and boys to learn about sexism and its roots – and to develop methods to challenge their peers – in order to “proactively support women and girls”.

Richard Rieser, from Hackney in east London, called on men to “own up and take responsibility” for sexism.'

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AU: Students ‘shamed’ in Melbourne high school for being white, Christian, privileged males

Article here. Excerpt:

'Students at a Melbourne high school have been left shocked after they were made to stand up and be publicly humiliated for being white, Christian males.

Last Wednesday, co-ed school Parkdale Secondary College, in the south Melbourne suburb of Mordialloc, was visited by a social worker from the local Kingston Council.

The social worker spoke about privilege, pronouns and intersectionality.

During the presentation, the social worker is alleged to have asked for boys who were straight, white and Christian to stand up in front of their peers.

They were then told they were responsible for being “oppressors” because of their privilege.'

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UK: Oxford lawyer given life sentence after falsely claiming she was raped

Article here. Excerpt:

'A WOMAN barrister who cried rape in a plot to frame her lover after she discovered he was married has been given a life sentence.

Oxford lawyer Anisah Ahmed set up an ‘evil’ campaign of lies, falsely claiming she was raped as well as staging her own kidnapping and stabbing, a judge heard this morning.

The twisted plot began in 2014 when qualified barrister Ahmed, of Wilkins Road, Cowley, found out her lover, fellow barrister Iqbal Mohammed, was married.

Sitting at Oxford Crown Court, Judge Michael Gledhill QC said: "It appears that Ahmed had no idea that Mohammed was married.'

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NCFM Chicago Chapter President, Tim Goldich, Male Vulnerability to Accusation

Article here. Excerpt:

'An accusation need not be demonstrably false (false to fact), to be petty and unjust. Men’s vulnerability to false accusations is clear, but we must also consider men’s outsized vulnerability to dubious accusations.

Granted, the vast majority of women are far too sensible to damage a man over trifles. But then there’s the particular woman Jerold Mackenzie ran into.

On the morning of March 19, 1993, [Jerold] Mackenzie was talking to coworker Patricia Best, the distributor services manager, about a Seinfeld episode that aired the night before. Mackenzie asked her if she saw it; she did not. He told Best that Seinfeld’s date had a name that rhymed with a part of a woman’s anatomy and asked her to guess what rhymed with Delores. Best could not. Mackenzie apparently did not want to use the term “clitoris,” so he copied the page from the dictionary with the definition and showed it to Best.[i]

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Considerations being made to include women in military draft registration

Article here. Excerpt:

'There could be some potential changes to men-only military draft registration, but how it could be accomplished is a different story.

Both the Biden Administration and the National Coalition for Men are calling for the men-only military draft registration to include women, and for some veterans like Jeffery Yarvis, it’s a welcome change.

“In a time of war, if our nation’s sovereignty is at risk and we need to expand our services, why not let anybody that wants to serve, serve and use this great capability that we already have in the voluntary system,” he said.
While it’s unlikely the Supreme Court would make such a ruling, Texas A&M Central Texas Political Science Professor John Koehler says any change would take a while without an executive action.

“I think legislators on their own would resist any firm actions on this issue, but I think if the Biden Administration choose to press and push for it, that’s the only way this would move forward,” he said.

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UK: Queen Mary to launch women-only MRes with the Autonomous University of Baja California to tackle gender inequality in STEM

Article here. Excerpt:

'The agreement – signed shortly after International Women's Day – was signed by Professor Colin Bailey, Queen Mary’s President and Principal, and Daniel Valdez-Delgadillo, Principal of the Autonomous University of Baja California (UABC).

The Dual MRes in Science and Engineering will be hosted by the School of Biological and Chemical Sciences and supported by other schools in the faculty. The first cohort of students will start in September 2021, undertaking taught modules for a year at UABC as a pathway to joining Queen Mary for our year-only MRes, with the opportunity of obtaining a Queen Mary Master’s degree in Science and Engineering, as well as a UABC MRes.'

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Sex workers in Manhattan to get a pass while their clients don't

Article here. It's like not prosecuting sellers of illicit drugs but prosecuting the buyer. Excerpt:

'The Manhattan district attorney’s office announced Wednesday that it would no longer prosecute prostitution and unlicensed massage, putting the weight of one of the most high-profile law enforcement offices in the United States behind the growing movement to change the criminal justice system’s approach to sex work.

The district attorney, Cyrus R. Vance Jr., revealed the new policy as he appeared virtually in court to ask a judge to dismiss 914 open cases involving prostitution and unlicensed massage, along with 5,080 cases in which the charge was loitering for the purposes of prostitution.
The office will continue to prosecute other crimes related to prostitution, including patronizing sex workers and sex trafficking.'

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Texas Teacher Began Grooming 12-Year-Old Student via Online Video Game, Sexually Abused Him in Her Classroom: Police

Article here. Excerpt:

'A Texas teacher was arrested late last week after one of her former students accused her of sexually abusing him for several years–after initiating a relationship with him when he was only 12 years old.

Marka Lee Bodine, 31, was charged with one count of continuous sexual abuse of a child, a first-degree felony which accounts for two or more incidents of sexual abuse within a 30-day period committed against a minor under the age of 14 by an adult over the age of 17.

In court documents, the ex-teacher admitted to having a sexual relationship with her former student beginning in 2018.

Bodine is currently out on bond. She also quickly resigned from her position at Tomball Intermediate, a school for 5th and 6th graders in the Houston metropolitan area, after the contours of the story came to light. But those alleged details took awhile to come out.'

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Australia: Government start-up grants for women only

Link here (archived here). Excerpt:

'The program will provide targeted support on a co-contribution basis to female founders of startup businesses (startups) to scale into domestic and global markets.
The objectives of the program are to:

stimulate private sector investments into innovative startups led by women

help women entrepreneurs overcome the disadvantages faced in getting access to finance and support to grow their startups

enable female founders to scale-up, expand into domestic and global markets, and become self-sufficient

boost the economy through increasing the diversity of startup founders.
We can only accept applications where you:

provide a signed declaration, on the template provided, that your startup is female founded (majority owned and led by women)

certify that your startup will remain majority owned and led by women for the duration of the grant (this will be a requirement of the grant agreement)'

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Connecticut State Supreme Court to consider women-only areas of gyms

Article here. Excerpt:

'Connecticut’s Supreme Court is preparing to hear a case that could have a wide-ranging effect on anti-discrimination laws.

The court will consider whether it is discriminatory for gyms to have areas restricted to women only that formerly were for both sexes. Experts say if the court exempts women from anti-discrimination laws, it could eventually erode existing laws that ban discrimination against other groups in public places or organizations.

The suit stems from two separate complaints brought by male gym-goers who said they had to wait in line to use equipment in their crowded gym while the space reserved for women was under-used and mostly empty. They argued to the state’s Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities that any segregation by sex is illegal under state law.'

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