Welcome to the 'microfeminist' revolution: Women clap back at everyday sexism on TikTok

Article here. Excerpt:

'Watched by 2.8 million, the TikTok video touched off a viral conversation about microfeminism, inspiring women – and men – to respond with their own small but mighty clapbacks at sexism that are spreading online and off.

Refusing to step aside for a man barreling down the sidewalk? That’s microfeminism. Claiming the armrest when you’re in the middle seat or the whole seat when the guy next to you on the subway is “manspreading?” Those, too, are acts of microfeminism.

So is greeting women first in a meeting, referring to "hers and his," assuming a CEO is a she and saying "girls" instead of "guys" as a gender-neutral term.

“I’m doing this thing, this tiny little act of collaboration with women, and I wondered if they noticed, and if anyone else is doing it,” Chaney told USA TODAY. “And, wow, I learned they absolutely do.”

And now these everyday acts of defiance are turning into an online movement.

Microfeminism has entered the zeitgeist, said New York University psychology professor Tessa West, and it's taking on "a whole new TikTok-defined meaning.”'

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