Masculinity overdue for a reckoning after mass shootings, child advocates say

Article here. Excerpt:

'Days after the school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, staffers at Men as Peacemakers, a Minnesota group that works with students to break down gender stereotypes and reduce violence, checked in with participants to see how they were feeling.

The students, who were mostly white, mirroring the state’s demographics, talked about lockdown drills they had practiced in school, but their responses were not very emotional, said Serrano Robinson, the group's youth restorative program coordinator.

The mass shooting at Robb Elementary School on May 24 that left 19 children and two teachers dead “sadly seemed kind of normal” to them, he said.

As civic leaders and politicians look for ways to stop mass shootings, advocates across the country from organizations like Men as Peacemakers say their work is vital to overcoming the toxic masculinity that research has found to be at the root of many mass shootings and other acts of violence perpetrated by men.

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UK troops in trouble for consensual orgy

Article here. Basically, they had a consensual gang-bang. So what? The UK military says it could be seen as a denigration of women. Hardly, esp. when entirely consensual. Reverse the sexes: would it be considered a denigration of men? Excerpt:

'Hundreds of British paratroopers were banned from a NATO deployment after videos surfaced of an orgy with a civilian woman in the barracks that had some soldiers watching on, according to reports.

Eight paratroopers serving in the UK’s 16 Air Assault Brigade were under police investigation over a video of them having sex with a civilian woman who had been snuck into the Merville barracks in Colchester, it was revealed earlier this month.

The woman had been snuck into the barracks as many as 31 times over the past five months, according to The Times of London.'

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NBC's marks Father's Day with abortion advocacy

Article here. Excerpt:

'NBC's TODAY show website honored Father’s Day weekend this year with story about how abortion helped eight different dads "become the fathers they are today." reporter Danielle Campoamor opened by stressing the urgency of her own piece, writing, "Eight dads are sharing how abortion has helped them become the fathers they are today, on what experts believe will likely be the last Father's Day before the Supreme Court issues a ruling that would overturn Roe v Wade."

After recounting a few details about the Supreme Court draft opinion leak on abortion and how the court is "poised to overturn Roe v Wade," Campoamor explained that TODAY put out a call on social media "asking fathers to share how abortion shaped their lives."'

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Mental ill health drives worklessness among UK young men, research finds

Article here. Excerpt:

'The rise of mental ill health is driving increasing numbers of young men in the UK into long-term worklessness, according to an analysis warning against a “vicious cycle” barring young people from the workforce.

Research by the Resolution Foundation think-tank, published on Monday, found rates of economic inactivity — where a workless person is not looking for work — had risen from 5 to 9 per cent among men aged 18 to 24 between 1995 and 2021. For women, the figure fell from 18 per cent to 10 per cent over the same period.

The foundation found that the doubling of worklessness among young men was driven by issues with mental health. Worklessness among the group because of illness or disability more than doubled, from 46,000 to 91,000, between 2006 and 2021, with the sharpest rise due to mental health problems'

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Why I Need Men's Rights

I came across this on Reddit and thought it bore repeating here:

I asked why I need Men's Rights; well, this is why:

I need men’s rights because when she changed her mind the next day, I went to jail for 5 years;

I need men’s rights because I was the victim of abuse but nobody believed me;

I need men’s rights because I am less likely to go to college, and if I do, I will make less money than my female contemporaries;

I need men’s rights because the president sees the shrinking number of men in colleges across America as “a great success”;

I need men’s rights because people question if I am a predator when I am alone with my child;

I need men’s rights because a man’s appearance, height, and weight has a greater affect on his income than it does for a woman;

I need men’s rights because saying “it’s impossible to discriminate against men in our society” allows people to discriminate with impunity;

I need men’s rights because traditionally masculine characteristics are virtues not flaws;

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Kamala Harris' Online Harassment Task Force Is a Bad Idea

Article here. Excerpt:

'The White House created a new task force on Thursday to combat online harassment, abuse, and sexual violence. The initiative was unveiled by Vice President Kamala Harris, who gave little indication that she understands the difference between preventing violence and deterring harassment, the latter of which is outside the government's purview.

"For far too many people, the internet is a place of fear," said Harris. "This affects all of us if it affects any one of us."

Online harassment is indeed a frustrating and pervasive problem; contrary to the White House's framing that harassers primarily target women and minorities, people of all backgrounds contend with it if they spend any significant time online. A Pew survey from 2017 found that 44 percent of men said they had experienced online harassment, compared with 37 percent of women.

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"Be the Change" fighting "casual misogyny"

Article here. Excerpt:

'Over the years, the cupcake tables that sat centre-stage at International Women's Day events started to get on Jasmin Bedir's nerves.

So in 2021, the Innocean Australia CEO launched not-for-profit Fck The Cupcakes (FTC), calling on as many members of the public and corporate supporters as possible to help her in her efforts to "fight endemic misogyny" and make some tangible change.

Now, the initiative has launched a new campaign titled 'Be The Change', and this time the target is casual misogyny.

Speaking to 9Honey, Be The Change spokesperson Rod Prosser, who is also the Chief Sales Officer of Network 10, explained the focus of the campaign.

"'Be The Change' puts a spotlight on casual misogyny, which we think is one of the most important problems to correct in the fight to break the bias," says Prosser.

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Privileges confirmed for straight white men working in STEM

Article here. Excerpt:

'A new study that considered multiple aspects including sexual identity and disabilities confirms a long-held belief: White, heterosexual men without disabilities are privileged in STEM careers.

The University of Michigan study of 25,300 professionals in science, technology, engineering and math shows that this segment experiences better treatment and rewards than members of 31 other categories by gender, race, LGBTQ+ status and disability status.

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FACT SHEET: Presidential Memorandum Establishing the White House Task Force to Address Online Harassment and Abuse

Article here. Excerpt:

'Today, President Biden will sign a Presidential Memorandum establishing the White House Task Force to Address Online Harassment and Abuse, responding to the need for government leadership to address online harms, which disproportionately affect women, girls, people of color, and LGBTQI+ individuals. Vice President Harris will launch the Task Force by hosting a survivor and expert roundtable this afternoon. The tragic events in Buffalo and Uvalde have underscored a fact known all too well by many Americans: the internet can fuel hate, misogyny, and abuse with spillover effects that threaten our communities and safety offline.'

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Twitter bans boost of "In His Words" article

Article here. Really, no surprise coming from Twitter. Excerpt:

'A May 4th article that addressed the demonizing of masculinity in America (Assaulting our Boys: The Campaign to Demonize Masculinity) must have struck a nerve. Within 24 hours, it had several thousand views. I decided to boost the article, that looked at the lack of attention on boys and men as an assault on masculinity, on social media to increase its visibility. Twitter did not allow the boosting of the article, asserting it violated the company’s usage policy. I appealed and asked for an explanation, receiving the following message.


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The Ends of Men

Article here. MRAs have been refuted by feminists and others when they have asserted that there is indeed a subset of feminism that wants to see "the Final Solution" to the "man problem": our very existence. If there is no such trend in feminism, then why are there literally dozens of books depicting men as disappeared and a "better world" arising from it? Excerpt:

'“When the men disappeared, it felt like nothing,” reflects Jane Pearson in the first line of Sandra Newman’s new novel The Men. But more than a hundred years of literary history tell us that what follows will not be nothing. The Men was the subject of online debate earlier this year when Newman announced its premise on Twitter: “everyone with a Y chromosome suddenly, mysteriously disappears.”

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A Proclamation on World Elder Abuse Awareness Day, 2022

Article here. Excerpt:

'Elder abuse takes many forms, such as financial, emotional, physical, and sexual harm, including intimate partner violence in later life. It often comes in the form of neglect, abandonment, or exploitation. It is estimated that approximately 1 in 10 elderly Americans are abused annually. However, many of those who are abused suffer in silence, and many cases are never reported or brought to light. In the past few years, while the pandemic isolated all of us to different extents, it especially exacerbated the isolation felt by too many older adults. All of us have a role to play in preventing elder abuse and ensuring that our Nation’s seniors are able to age with dignity. With a majority of elder abuse victims being women, my Administration is focused particularly on improving our support for all women and preventing and addressing gender-based violence that impacts older adults both domestically and abroad.'

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Research into falling sperm counts finds 'alarming' levels of chemicals in male urine samples

Article here. Excerpt:

'Scientists searching for the causes of falling sperm counts are getting a clearer picture of the role played by chemical pollutants - and it’s not a pretty one.

A study of urine samples from nearly 100 male volunteers has uncovered “alarming” levels of endocrine disruptors known to reduce human fertility.

Cocktails of chemicals such as bisphenols and dioxins, which are believed to interfere with hormones and affect sperm quality, were present at levels up to 100 times those considered safe.

The median exposure to these chemicals was 17 times the levels deemed acceptable.'

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In major victory, Colorado court finds that accused students at private universities are entitled to fair hearings

Article here. Excerpt:

'Last month, Colorado’s intermediate court held that private universities in the state owe a duty of care to students when addressing claims of sexual misconduct. The Colorado Court of Appeals’ ruling, reversing a lower court’s judgment in favor of the University of Denver, a private university, is a welcome decision that other state courts should follow.

Highlighting DU’s deficient process, the court noted “the burden and detriment of an unfair investigation and adjudication is borne almost entirely” by the accused. As a result, the court held that DU has a duty to adopt and apply fair procedures when investigating and adjudicating claims of sexual misconduct.

This is important because a constitutional right to due process only applies at public institutions because they are state actors.'

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This Title IX Bill Would Undermine Due Process Rights for New Jersey College Students

Article here. Excerpt:

'A bill introduced last month in the New Jersey Senate could threaten the due process rights of students who are accused of Title IX violations. S.B. 2469 would require that employees at public colleges and universities who are involved in adjudicating, receiving reports of, or providing services to victims of alleged sexual violence undergo a "victim-centered" training. This training would also be required for students employed as resident advisors, or dorm supervisors.
However, some of those "providing services" to victims are also meant to be impartial investigators of serious allegations, such as university employees involved in adjudicating allegations of sexual assault. Giving "victim-centered" training to those employees raises the question of whether a victim-centered approach also allows for an impartial examination of the evidence and testimony for and against a student accused of sexual assault.'

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