Man was forced out of Leicester university job for calling out 'no middle-aged white men' jibe

Article here. Excerpt:

'A man working for the University of Leicester Student's Union who said he was forced out of his job for calling out a colleague's "no middle-aged white men" comment, has won an employment tribunal.

Ricardo Champayne claimed he had no option but to resign from his position in human resources after a row sparked by him warning a colleague about using such potentially offensive language.

The quarrel broke out when Ellen Rudge, then a senior manager at the Students' Union, sent an e-mail to staff on February 14, 2020.

In it, she asked colleagues to suggest high-profile figures who could be invited to open the student union's newly-extended Percy Gee Building.

In her message, however, the marketing manager specifically stated she did not want "another white, middle-aged man" for the task, as she was trying to "reflect diversity".

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UK: Primary school asks boys (and teachers) to wear skirts to class to 'promote equality'

Article here. Excerpt:

'A primary school has asked boys as well as girls as young as three to go in today wearing skirts – to ‘promote equality’.

But the request from Castleview Primary in Edinburgh has been criticised by some parents.

It follows a similar move in Spain where teachers and children have worn skirts to show solidarity with a boy who was expelled for wearing one last year.

November 4 is now ‘wear a skirt to school day’ in Spain.

An email to parents from Castleview said it wanted children to be ‘comfortable’ taking part and that trousers and leggings could be worn under the skirts if needed.

It even offered to provide skirts for some youngsters if none were suitable at home. Teachers can wear skirts too.

One mother called Megan with a son at the school tweeted: ‘My son is five and just got this from the school! Let kids be kids.’

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Men with ‘golden penis syndrome’ are ruining sex and dating for women

Article here. Excerpt:

'Beware of the college grad cad!

Men with college degrees have become so cocky that they’re ruining romance for their female counterparts, one “leading expert” alleges.

Just 40.5% of college students in the United States are male, according to the National Student Clearinghouse, meaning they’re in short supply and high demand when dating on campus.

A lack of competition has led these men to develop “golden penis syndrome” — an arrogance that stems from the assumption that a steady supply of females will be sexually interested in them.

“Golden penis syndrome” has led these smug males to engage in dastardly dating practices, such as cheating and ghosting, because they’re confident that another woman will always be waiting around the corner.'

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Biden gender equity plan misses mark

Article here. Google the first paragraph text to jump the paywall.

'The introductory letter cautions against rebuilding to "a status quo that wasn’t working for women and girls." There is no question that women still face gender-based disadvantages, particularly when it comes to balancing paid employment and family obligations. The COVID-19 pandemic spotlighted some of these problems: The closings of schools and day care centers disproportionately affected working mothers, and safety-related restrictions in the service industry affected female workers more. In 2020, women’s labor force participation dropped by 3.4%, compared to 2.8% for men.

But the Biden/Harris "strategy" resolutely ignores male disadvantages. Thus, the document repeatedly mentions areas in which Black and Latina women fare poorly, but never acknowledges that Black men have the highest unemployment rate — currently 11.6%, compared to 9% for Black women.

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Sen. Josh Hawley says liberals' attacks on manhood are driving men to pornography and video games

Less the particulars of what he's saying, more the fact that he's bringing up men's well-being as an issue at a poitical rally makes this story sigificant. Excerpt:

'Missouri Republican Sen. Josh Hawley on Sunday night told fellow conservatives they must stop liberals from attacking masculinity and creating a nation of "idle men" who watch pornography and play video games instead of working and raising families.

Hawley delivered the speech on the "future of the American man" at the National Conservatism Conference in Orlando, calling for a return to traditional gender roles. He said liberals' "attempt to give us a world beyond men" was part of their larger effort to "deconstruct America," an endeavor that, according to the senator, includes critical race theory, economic socialism and doing away with the concept of gender altogether.

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Ex-NYPD Cop Who Ordered $7,000 Hit on Ex-Hubby Gets 4 Years

Article here. Excerpt:

'Valeria Cincinelli, an ex-NYPD officer, was sentenced to four years in prison Friday as she wept and apologized for her plot to hire a hitman for $7,000 to take out her ex-husband and her current boyfriend’s teenage daughter. Capturing 37-year-old cop involved roping in her boyfriend, John DiRubba, as an informant and the FBI staging the death of Cincinelli’s ex, Isaiah Carvalho, complete with crime scene photos. Carvalho asked the judge to give her the full five years. His attorney said, “He’s gonna be looking over his shoulder... I think her tears are because she got caught. I don’t think they’re because she’s remorseful.” Cincinelli reportedly cried as she told the court: “I apologize from the bottom of my heart. I acknowledge I was wrong, and I accept responsibility.”'

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Women-Only Parking Lot Spaces Divide Opinion Online: 'Flashing Green Light for Creeps'

Article here. Excerpt:

'A TikTok video showing female-designated parking spaces has sparked a debate about women's safety.

User @natashagallier shared a clip of the parking lot in Perth, Western Australia, on Wednesday. Her footage showed pink signs reading "Kindly reserve this bay for female drivers," as well as walls and columns painted pink to demarcate the spaces.
The spaces were introduced by local authorities in Perth in 2016. The multi-story parking lot in the city center has 28 "female friendly" bays located near the entrance and exits. The areas also have upgraded lighting, additional CCTV surveillance and assistance intercoms.

Men aren't fined if they park in the bays but are encouraged to follow the guidance.

Opinions were divided about the spaces when they were introduced. The president of the National Council of Women Australia, Barbara Baikie, told in April 2016: "I understand why that may be necessary to keep women safe, but I would think this is just a Band-Aid solution.

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The White House's gender strategy demands bold global action

Article here. Excerpt:

'While we appreciate the whole-of-government approach with gender-based budgeting and efforts to close the gender data gap, we would have liked to have seen greater reference to gender impact assessments that need to be utilized at levels and stages of policy and program design and implementation. Another approach that we would recommend is using quotas and targets to accelerate change towards diversity goals. This would include mandating that senior leadership positions that have never been filled by women or people from underrepresented backgrounds be filled only by those groups, for example by mandating women-only shortlists.'

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Women’s and gender studies professor on white people: 'I want to say ... we got to take these motherf---kers out'

Article here. Excerpt:

'A professor at Rutgers University said that white people can’t afford to have children and “kind of deserve it” in a September virtual conference hosted by a prominent black-oriented publication.

Brittney Cooper, a professor of women’s and gender studies and Africana studies at Rutgers, made the statement during a session of the Root Institute conference.
Cooper cited the rise in the cost of living as the reason white people aren’t having children, saying, “White people’s birth rates are going down … because they literally cannot afford to put their children, newer generations, into the middle class … It’s super perverse, and also they kind of deserve it.”

Cooper also said that she wants to say, “We gotta take these motherf*****s out,” but that she can’t because “I don’t believe in a project of violence” and that “our souls would suffer” from doing so.'

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Adam Levine Responds to Criticism of His Onstage Reaction After Female Fan Grabbed Him During Maroon 5 Concert

Article here. Excerpt:

'Adam Levine doesn't want fans to think the singer is in misery when he's around them.

After a concertgoer jumped onstage and grabbed him in the middle of Maroon 5's Los Angeles show over the weekend, the star took to his Instagram Story on Tuesday, Oct. 26 to defend his reaction against apparent claims that he views the group's fans as "beneath" him. The incident took place during the band's performance at the Hollywood Bowl's We Can Survive event on Saturday, Oct. 23.'

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Study shows discrimination against men in occupations that are dominated by women

This is a partial translation from a German article on MANNdat:

Even more studies that show that men are disadvantaged when applying because of their gender. This time from Sweden, Switzerland and the USA.

The study from Sweden
Researchers have examined the extent of gender discrimination in Sweden in different occupations. The analysis of employer responses to more than 3,200 fictitious applications in 15 professions showed that male applicants received less positive responses than female applicants. Male applicants in female-dominated professions were about half as likely to receive a positive answer from their employer as female applicants. For male-dominated and mixed occupations, the researchers found no significant differences in positive employer responses between male and female applicants.

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White male marketing VP at North Carolina hospital wins $10 million 'reverse discrimination' payout

Article here. Excerpt:

'A white male marketing vice president from a North Carolina has been awarded a $10million 'reverse discrimination' payout from the hospital which fired him and replaced him with two women, one of whom is black.

David Duvall sued Novant Health in North Carolina, where he'd worked for five years as the Senior Vice President of Marketing and Communications, and was lauded by colleagues and supervisors, in 2018.

He says he was inexplicably terminated just days before reaching his five year work anniversary, a milestone that would have awarded him a higher severance payout than what he was given.

He was replaced by two women - Kate Everett, a white woman who had worked with him and was promoted to take the role of Chief PR and Communications Officer and Vicky Free, a black woman who was given the role of Chief Marketing Officer.

Duvall, in his complaint, said that while both women were qualified for the job, they were no more qualified than he was.'

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UK: Pub in Nottingham will hold weekly 'girls only' night with all female staff after spate of reports of women being spiked with needles

Article here. Excerpt:

'A pub in Nottingham said it will ban men for one night a week after reports of women being spiked by injection while out clubbing in the city.

The Playwright, which is near Nottingham Trent University's city campus, will have its first girls-only night on November 3.

All the staff working that night will also only be women.

Josh Wheelhouse, the manager of the pub, told Nottinghamshire Live: 'We are just very excited to do it.

'I have already spoken to a couple of societies at Nottingham Trent University, and we will actually organise workshops to educate women on what to do in situations that would put them at risk.'

Mr Wheelhouse said he was initially unsure whether to introduce the ban on men because he was afraid people would see him as 'the guy who is trying to make money out of this terrifying thing that happens to women'.

However, he said: 'I needed to do something.

'I do not think it is fair for women to stay home.

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Scottish trade union leaders condemned after vote on women-only services

Article here. Excerpt:

'The STUC’s women’s conference, which represents 500,000 workers, today voted down the proposal after it was tabled by the Paisley & District Trades Union Council.

The motion said there had been a “dilution of single sex services supporting vulnerable women and girls… promoted by most of Scotland’s leading women’s organisations.

“Many workers and users of frontline services are concerned about this trend.”

It noted Equality Law allowed for men to be excluded from certain services such as support facilities for women who have been victims of domestic violence.

It called on the conference to “support the application of the exclusion of men to services specifically tailored to women” and to “condemn the missteps of leading women’s organisations within Scotland to protect this important provision… therefore failing to protect vulnerable service users and children”.

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SUNY failed to protect man from harassment after rape claim, suit says

Article here. Excerpt:

'A Queens man falsely accused of on-campus sexual assault is suing SUNY-Purchase for mishandling the incident and ruining his reputation.

The encounter unfolded in April 2017 at the State University of New York at Purchase, when the male student, identified in court papers only as John Doe, and the unnamed female classmate ended up in bed together after sharing wine with several others, according to court papers.

The woman later reported the incident to school police, and administrators eventually found John Doe had failed to get her “affirmative” consent, even though she’d asked John Doe to get a condom and helped remove her own clothes, according to his legal filing.

In March, a state appeals court overturned SUNY Purchase’s decision, finding it wasn’t backed by “substantial evidence.”'

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