Breaking Alec Baldwin news

From a credible source sent to us ( via email:

Alec Baldwin to become actively involved with Action 4 Justice.

Robert and Angela Pedersen

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Good for him! Also, good for us! We have an individual recognized by millions. His philosophy and experience as an alientated father will open many eyes. Look how many states have declared a day devoted to father's rights. Of all the issues we support, I believe this one (possibly the most important) will become a massive victory for us, and fathers across the country. NOW is afraid, Gandy has begun writing articles denouncing fathers rights and parental alientation. I have yet to see Gandy on any major cable news stations explaining her assine point of view regarding fathers. Bottom line: NOW is an extremiist organization who avoids the national media. Gandy isn't that stupid, she realizes a national attack on fathers rights will expose her organization as utter misandry. Something we already know. This is good news!!! Infact, I might watch my "Glenngary Glennross" DVD tonight. An oustanding movie with a brief, but incredible role portayed by Baldwin. Check this flick out gentleman!

p.s. check out YouTube... the full performance by Baldwin (YOU WONT REGRET IT!!!)

***alot of cursing by Baldwin in this seen****

I doubt this will offend anyone, but you never know.

Victory not Vengeance!


Like0 Dislike0 vs. women.That is the underlying meaning to the madness. All of this controversy is simply a Hollywood version of the politically correct gender war. Noone will admit this of course.

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