Debunking the Myth of the Man-Hating Feminist

Article here. Excerpt:

'Men who are dedicated to viewing feminists as misandrists may never be convinced otherwise. However, since those men view their misguided perception of misandry as a justifiable excuse for threatening and abusing women, we must try to dispel these misconceptions anyway. To keep women safe, perhaps feminists who have realized that fighting systems is better than fighting individual men should engage compassionately with women who aren’t there yet.

They should gently urge those women to channel their anger and outrage toward dismantling systems of oppression that can actually lead to our liberation, rather than espousing hate toward individual men, or men as a whole. It is not a matter of protecting men’s egos, but rather of keeping women safe. After all, anger is a worthy, valid, and useful tool in the feminist movement. But perhaps, for our safety, it is just better reserved for the systems of power.'

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Just sayin'.

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