‘Nothing anywhere that’s ever positive about masculinity’: Kids look to Andrew Tate

Video here.

'Sky News host Paul Murray says it doesn’t surprise him that young kids look to Andrew Tate to “build themselves up” because there is “virtually nothing anywhere that’s ever positive about masculinity”.

“So you end up going off the beaten track into places like YouTube and somebody who gives you the confidence that the rest of the culture isn’t giving you becomes more attractive,” Mr Murray said.

“It doesn’t surprise me that people want to find somebody who tells how to build themselves up as opposed to what to be sorry for.”'

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It's not about offering boys alternative models of acceptable masculinity. Many feminist scholars are into "reconstructing" masculinity in the context of feminist ideology, indoctrinating boys into a gynocentric masculinity. This feminised masculinity is proscriptive, restrictive, and submissive to the best interests of women and girls, and has not only has little or no input from men and boys, it has no value for men and boys and is very likely destructive. Masculinity is not a construct that can be remade.

Rather than offering boys a non-toxic masculine model approved by feminist academics, boys need to be given the freedom to discover their own masculinity, with guidance from their fathers and other men. It's nothing to do with women and academics.

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