Male, pale and stale?

Article here. Excerpt:

'You must have sympathy for the progressive straight white male. He lives in a paradox. On one hand, he is told he has all the privilege the world can offer him. On the other it is demanded that because he has such privilege, he must be silent and make space for others. Whilst he is blamed for most of the injustice in society, he has no way to abdicate his privilege.

He can donate to a progressive cause, post an anti-sexist infographic to his Instagram story, support minority-owned businesses or even chain his whole family together and go on an anti-racism pilgrimage to score BLM brownie points, but it still will not be enough. He can self-flagellate all day long but there is no way for him to receive salvation from the progressive mob.'

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They'll only view you as weak and do nothing for you no matter how you try to placate them.

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There is no "Hail Mary" equivalent in this twisted woke world of leftists.

And "pale, male and stale" sounds like an old urine sample or something. It's really unflattering.

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