The Navy Quietly Reshuffled The Super Bowl Flyover Team To All-Female Aviators

Article here. Excerpt:

'The U.S. Navy quietly ditched a team of aviators scheduled to conduct a traditional flyover before Super Bowl LVII and replaced it with a group of all female aviators, reported Friday.

A final roster first announced Thursday on Good Morning America featured 11 female pilots and flight officers out of a total of 16 aviators, seven of which are scheduled to perform the spectacle kicking off Sunday’s big game, according to However, the original group of 15 flight officers featured three women, according to a press release dated Jan. 27, and were presented as a commemoration of 50 years of female participation in the Navy’s aviation program.
The initial announcement, still reflected in some social media posts, shows a small number of comments deriding the apparent lack of women in a lineup that was supposed to honor female Navy aviators. Most of the initial social media posts have since been deleted, according to'

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A quaint northern hemisphere customing of mooning might be in order here, to match the insulting bias of chosen aviatars to say what? That women can fly? Or to snub men! They should all be ashamed. I know I'll never look at female navy pilots with respect again.

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