Gender diversity on corporate boards can improve organizational performance

Article here. Excerpt:

'Women were more prepared for board meetings and follow-up more with management. Women also asked more questions and were more likely to ask difficult questions. One of the female board member told us:

“Women are less shy about asking questions… Women are much more ready than male colleagues [for a meeting]… They read the material, they are serious and prepared and they have the capacity to have the courage of their opinions.”

Women also sought out consensus more often and thought more about other stakeholders, including employees and clients, than men did. One female board member said:

“There is a sensitivity at the level of women, they will be [more sensitive] to subjects more than men, like the concerns of employees, users of services, single-parent families.”'

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... and negative generalizations about men is fine, likewise positive ones about women, but not the other way around. Funny, that.

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