Spanish drivers to be fined for shouting sexist insults

Article here. Excerpt:

'Spain has taken a series of measures to stamp out abuse of women recently and now one city is going further by punishing those who are caught insulting female drivers.

The local government of San Fernando, in the southern region of Andalucía, has approved a new municipal regulation imposing fines of up to €100 on those caught making sexist comments aimed at drivers.

The text of the new rule states that “the act of insulting other drivers, especially because of their sexual condition, can be deemed a traffic violation” and it states that people using public spaces “should respect norms of co-existence, with particular consideration when it comes to avoiding behaviour that denigrates drivers because of their sex”.'

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... not guaranteed in Spain's Constitution.

While I agree telling someone that they are a bad driver b/c of their sex is rude, is being rude really a 100-euro offense?

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