Why boys should start school a year later than girls

Article here. Excerpt:

'The value of a later start, which many teachers and administrators call “the gift of time,” is an open secret in elite circles. And it’s a gift overwhelmingly given to boys. In the past few months, I’ve interviewed dozens of private-school teachers, parents, educational consultants, and admissions officers, largely in the D.C. metro area. I learned that a delayed school entry is now close to the norm for boys who would otherwise be on the young side. One former head of an elite private school who now consults with parents on school choice and admissions told me, “There are effectively two different cutoff dates for school entry: one for boys and one for girls.”

The reason little boys wear almost all of the red shirts is not mysterious; the fact that boys mature later than girls is one known to every parent, and certainly to every teacher. According to a Rand survey, teachers are three times more likely to delay entry for their own sons than their own daughters. The maturity gap is now demonstrated conclusively by neuroscience: Brain development follows a different trajectory for boys than it does for girls. But this fact is entirely ignored in broader education policy, even as boys fall further behind girls in the classroom.'

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The failure of teachers and the teaching profession generally, to develop policy, stategies and lesson planning that effectively engages boys, is well known and broadly related to the unconscionable teacher gender domination by women. They simply don't understand how boys work, how to relate to them, and have no insight into their bias in favour of their own sex. Their misandry is unnoticed, unchallenged and unfetted.

Entrenching this failure by blaming boys for not being the same as girls, beggars belief, and speaks volumes about the entrenched gynocentric misandry of the teaching profession.

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