Twitter exec suggests Elon Musk, other critics are misogynists

Article here. Excerpt:

'A top Twitter executive has suggested that many of the platform’s critics — including soon-to-be owner Elon Musk, who ripped the firm’s top female lawyer over her censorship of the New York Post — are merely misogynists.

Lara Cohen, Twitter’s global head of partners, went on the attack hours after Musk singled out the site’s lead lawyer, Vijaya Gadde, over what he called the “obviously incredibly inappropriate” ban of The Post’s exclusive reporting on Hunter Biden’s shady business dealings.

She also shared messages of support for Leslie Berland, the company’s chief marketing officer who was caught in leaked audio suggesting that Musk’s plans for free speech put them in “a very difficult position.”'

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"He is in favor of free speech on Twitter. He must hate women."

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"Those willing to sacrifice liberty for temporary security deserve neither liberty nor security."

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