Johnny Depp, Men's Rights Hero

Article here. Excerpt:

'But for large swaths of the manosphere, the Depp trial isn’t merely a fascinating look into the complicated nature of domestic violence and volatile relationships. Instead, many observers who are obsessed with the loss of “men’s rights” and blame feminism for worsening their lives are portraying Depp’s fight as an existential moment for men as a whole. In their eyes, Depp isn’t merely a target of assumptions and false narratives — he is the vanguard in the war against women who hate men and pretend to be victims.

In that way, Depp is being weaponized by the manosphere, most notably by “men’s rights activists,” in order to paint a picture of how American society chooses to “believe women” even when they’re liars. His trial fits neatly into a tapestry of claims that men are under attack, woven alongside clumsy narratives about false rape accusations and mothers lying to block children from their fathers. No wonder there’s an energized web of right-wing YouTubers, influencers and social media posters who are following the trial live, leveraging the drama for clout while proselytizing on the injustice of mass misandry in the post-#MeToo age.'

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Just heard of the case a few days ago. Two rich, spoiled Hollywood B-listers fighting with each other is nothing new. What isn't also new is the bullspit being spun from it by feminists.

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