Anti-feminism attitudes linked to falsely remembering information that reflects poorly on feminism

Article here. Excerpt:

'False memories, which are memories and beliefs of events that never happened, may be more likely to occur for false information that aligns with one’s political beliefs. In two studies, new research published in Applied Cognitive Psychology finds that pre-existing negative attitudes about feminism are associated with a greater likelihood of falsely remembering news stories that do not reflect well on feminism. Findings also suggest that negative feminism attitudes are associated with a greater likelihood of judging a positive news story about feminists as fake.

Pre-existing attitudes can shape how someone understands and remembers media messages. “Evidence suggests that when an individual has insufficient information to determine the source of a memory, they are likely to guess based on prior knowledge, using stereotypes and schemata to determine the most likely source. This results in a greater likelihood of stereotype- consistent false memories,” wrote study author Gillian Murphy and colleagues.'

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... wouldn't it apply equally to feminists?

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