IRL: Meeting gender quotas will be difficult for GAA, admits Tom Ryan

Article here. Excerpt:

'GAA director general Tom Ryan admits the organisation faces a major difficulty to meet gender representation quotas on their committees.

Minister of State for Sport Jack Chambers has raised the possibility of withholding funding from sports bodies who do not appoint more women to their boards.

In his annual report, Ryan conceded the GAA has a major task on its hands to meet the 40% target by the end of next year.

He wrote: “A key objective of the leadership and governance target area for the sporting sector in general is to progress towards greater gender balance in board membership of bodies that are funded by the state. Minister Chambers has asked that all NGBS achieve 40% gender representation on their boards by the end of 2023.'

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The answer will have to be what Scandinavian countries adopted when forced to have more women on the board. Many countries just swelled their boardroom with nonsense directors of irrelevancies to meet the target.

It's ridiculous, of course, but then every woman has had legal equal opportunities throughout her working life – and that hasn't been enough for them to compete on equal terms.

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