UK private businesses urged to raise boardroom gender parity

Article here. Excerpt:

'Britain’s biggest private businesses will be expected to match listed companies on gender parity, as ministers launch a fresh push for more women to be appointed to senior leadership positions.

The FTSE Women Leaders Review, a business-led body backed by government, have published voluntary recommendations that set a target for FTSE 350 companies to increase women’s representation to at least 40 per cent of both boards and leadership teams by the end of 2025.

The review also set a voluntary goal for companies to have a woman in at least one of four key positions: board chair, senior independent director, chief executive and or finance director.

For the first time, these targets will apply to the largest 50 private companies in the UK by sales, a group likely to include some big law and consultancy groups, as well as the employee-owned John Lewis partnership, family businesses such as JCB and Dyson, and private equity owned companies.'

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It is very notable that feminists only push to help a very few women at the top. Even the International Labor Organisation has reported that the majority of women will never be helped by pushing more women into boardrooms.

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