"Evacuate the women and children"

Article here. Excerpt:

'Mr Pushilin cited an ‘immediate threat of aggression’ from Ukrainian forces, accusations that Ukrainian officials vehemently denied earlier.

He said: ‘I appeal to all the men in the republic who can hold weapons to defend their families, their children, wives, mothers. Together we will achieve the coveted victory that we all need.’

The announcement came as a mass evacuation of women, children and the elderly from the rebel-held territories in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions to neighbouring Russia got under way.'

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As war is breaking out in Ukraine, the usual calls are going out to men (only men) to report for military duty. Commensurate is the "evacuate women and children" calls. Nothing like equality is possible unless all duties of citizenship are borne equally by both sexes. There is no reason why able-bodied women can't also be expeected to risk life and limb for their country if men are expected to do so. We hear an endless drumbeat of announcements from the military that women are just as capable as men for combat duty. In WWII, plenty of Russian women served in direct combat roles fighting the Germans and they did just fine. So why back-pedal when the chips are down?

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