Woman reveals why men shouldn’t ask to split the bill on dates: ‘Make his pockets hurt’

Article here. Excerpt:

'A woman has sparked a debate after she revealed why she thinks women should not have to pay when going on a date with a man.

In a TikTok video posted this past November, Kiera Breaugh claimed that men shouldn’t expect a woman to split the bill on a date. And if they do, it is an “effect of the patriarchy.”

“One of the most insidious and ridiculous effects of the patriarchy is literally women paying 50/50,” Breaugh said.

“Men going around being like: ‘It’s 2021, equal rights, right? You’re going to pay 50/50,’” she continued. “The fact that men expect 50/50 from women when women don’t get 50 per cent of anything.”

She further claimed that, compared to men, women do not receive 50 per cent of the “money,” “safety,” “privilege,” or “space.”'

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For all that people go on about the "Gender Gap" as though it is anything to do with being paid the same for the same work (hint: it isn't), what they will often miss out is that women control around 80% of domestic spending.

Between earning most of the money or spending most of the money, which would you prefer?

When you then realise that for the under 35s (roughly, it depends on country) women out-earn men, and think about the fact that this is the age rage spending most time dating, it puts an even sharper angle on the idea that women shouldn't pay for themselves.

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It's about feeling valuable. Women monetize themselves. Feminists do it too. They size themselves up in the mirror and put a price tag on themselves, then go looking for a buyer.

This is why dating is in general a bad idea for men because even after spending his money, there's no guarantee he'll get anything from it. The money paid on a date is not an investment. It's the price a man pays for a hooker, and one who often doesn't put out anyway.

Dating's stupid, generally, if you're male.

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