"Real Men Missing"

Article here. Excerpt:

'Conservative leadership today lacks strong men of courage who will, using solid first principles, face down the radical left. In other words, conservatism today has been emasculated. There is no better word for it. 

In a recent interview with Glenn Beck, Tucker Carlson described the present Republican leadership:

They’re weak. There’s something in them that’s weak, and they’ve decided… ‘The other side is ascended. The left is winning. I’m not gonna push any buttons that might infuriate them.’ They’re just not lionhearted.

Carlson further lamented that these men will not stand firmly on even the most basic ideas, such as an uncompromising defense of free speech, per the First Amendment. Tellingly, he adds, “The only ones who will do it are women.”

This epidemic of weak men did not start with the virus or the electoral coup. The right’s craven capitulation to the left accelerated dramatically as right-wing men lost their nerve directly to left-wing women demanding power. “[Conservative men] won’t say anything that would get them in trouble with the ladies,” The Masculinist founder Aaron Renn concluded in a podcast entitled “The Decline of the Gentleman.”'

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So now we're quoting these opportunists as credible sources? These two guys are two of biggest liars on the planet, who are only interested in ratings and more money for themselves.

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