Katie Glass says women should stop moaning about mansplaining

Article here. Excerpt:

It is a word I can’t stand. Like manspreading (men taking up extra room by sitting with their legs wide) or man-slamming (men’s alleged habit of barging past women on the street), it seems little more than a sexist, mean-spirited way to attack men.

To me, what is often dismissed as mansplaining is simply helpful advice, rejected by women who are oversensitive about potentially being patronised.

Far too many of us these days, I fear, shoot ourselves in the foot by refusing all male help, so keen are we to be seen as empowered equals.

If such a gendered and dismissive word were used to undermine women’s help, we’d be furious. Actually, there is such a word — to nag — and if a man dared use it about me, I’d be apoplectic.

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I used the word 'nag' recently, when asking if a friend would keep reminding to do something I should have done ages ago. "I won't mind if you nag at me about it until it's done," I told him and he, in his way, just nodded.
It is a long time that such usage of the word was anything specific about women, at least where I live.

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