Spain says it is first in Europe to officially count all femicides

Article here. Excerpt:

'Official statistics on gender-based violence in Spain will be broadened to include killings of women and children by men regardless of whether there was a prior relationship between victim and killer, in what is being described as a first in Europe.

“What is not named does not exist,” said Spain’s equality minister, Irene Montero. “We have to recognise all of the victims and make visible all forms of violence – all machista [sexist] killings – so that we can put in place policies for prevention, early detection and eradication.”

Since 2003 Spain has logged killings as gender violence if there is evidence that the killer and the victim had been or were in a relationship. From Saturday 1 January the definition of gender violence will be broadened to include the murder of any woman or children in which gender is deemed to have played a role.'

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“What is not named does not exist,” said Spain’s equality minister, Irene Montero.

This is typical of official feminists, who see 'equality' only as female supremacy. She won't ALSO care to do something about androcide while naming femicide. Oh, no, we won't have any equality where it highlights than more men and boys are killed than women and girls .. let's all just pretend that only females can be victims of crime, even though there is not a single country in the world where males are not more numerous victims than females.

These people sicken me. All they want to do is make society worse by creating more divisiveness and creating a culture that is as unhelpful as it can be.

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