Sarah Everard and the feminism of fear

Article here. Excerpt:

'The feminism of fear was everywhere this year.

Just as women should have been making the most of post-lockdown freedoms, we were plunged into a panic over our safety. Politicians, campaigners and commentators ruthlessly stoked and exploited women’s concerns.
Measures to protect women and clamp down on men need to be proportionate. But proportion is exactly what is lost when we shift seamlessly between murder and a slap on the bum. The murders of Everard and Nessa were newsworthy precisely because crimes like these are so rare. Women are not routinely murdered by strangers on their way home, even if they walk alone and in the dark. Statistics show that in 2018 only six per cent of UK femicides (nine victims) were committed by a stranger, with three of these women killed in the context of a robbery or burglary. This is out of a population of 34million women.'

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"clamp down on men" -- let that sink in.

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