It’s a (wo)man’s world: Women are ‘better’ leaders in times of crisis, agri stakeholders say

Article here. Excerpt:

'From climate change to the COVID pandemic, the agriculture sector is facing no shortage of crises. As such, conversations increasingly revolve around the need to increase the sector’s resilience.

These commonly centre on the need to reduce farmers’ reliance on external inputs, improve the long term viability of the sector or shorten the supply chain, all of which are outlined as key priorities in the EU’s flagship food policy, the Farm to Fork strategy.

But for Shima Barakat, director of the entrepreneurship for sustainability programme at the University of Cambridge, the research suggests that these conversations should also factor gender into the equation.

“Are women sustainability leaders? At this point in time, I think the simple answer is yes,” she told a recent event, highlighting that there is a wealth of studies conducted both before and after the COVID pandemic to suggest that women are “better leaders during times of crisis”.'

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Better leaders, my ass.

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I've seen several of these stories, usually originating from the UN humanitarian sector, about women needing to have a top place (never a bottom place, they don't want to go through the glass floor and get their hands dirty, thanks).

I mean, we have all see on our TV screens that hordes of women gather around to put things back together after every pit disaster, hurricane, volcano and tsunami, right? We know the television crews would film them helping if they were in sight.

If or when women start doing their share of the ground work so that they understand humanitarian needs, then they can have a say. In the meantime their main appearance is at refugee camps .. you know, those places that separate men from their families and sometimes refuse to feed them even then.

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