The Orwelexicon: Neologisms for Bias and Dysfunctions in Psychology, Academia, and the Wider Society

Article here. Excerpt:

'BANNED BY PSYCHOLOGY TODAY! I submitted it there as a blog post and they took it down after I posted it. In 12 short hours, it had garnered well over 1000 views, a bullet of popularity in PsychTodayLand. In fairness to their takedown, this was definitely not their normal fare.

Orwelexicon: Twisting the meaning of words in order to advance a political or policy agenda.
Bropenscience Paradox: The claim that sexism is so powerful in the Open Science Movement that all male scientists must intensely interrogate themselves for any trace of it. Male scientists must also avoid having conversations without women or members of marginalized groups; and they must especially avoid criticizing scientific work by people from such groups. Although sexism is a very serious problem and charge, objecting to being called sexist is proof of defensiveness and pathological fragility.'

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Hey Matt,

Thanks for posting that collection of academic gobbledygook.

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