On Inauguration Day, Kamala Harris gives America's boys (and girls) a new role model

Article here. Excerpt:

'Outside of the workplace, positive representations of female leaders should help erode the misogynist attitudes that enable societal problems like domestic violence. “We know that rage, aggression and lust are generally the only emotions that males are socialized to see as acceptable in themselves and other males,” Meredith Shirey, a licensed psychotherapist and the co-host of the podcast “Love Me or Leave Me,” told me. “It stands to reason that these emotions, along with thousands of years of extreme subjugation of women, is indicative of why we still see such a high prevalence of acts of violence against women. If men are exposed to seeing women in positions of power, it is likely that they will, over time, build a view that sees women as equals in every facet, including emotional expression.”'

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It's so filled with misandry and false information, it maketh men to feel more than rage, aggression, and lust, as Ms. Shirey asserts. It maketh us to feel the urge to vomit.

This is MSM news, too. Barf.

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Women want equality in the work place, but want, demand favored status in the home. Women want equality when it benefits them, not when it costs them anything.

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