Pitch in with housework, Mexico tells men at home due to pandemic

Article here. Excerpt:

'Mexico’s government is calling on the nation’s men to pick up a mop, do some laundry and take on more household responsibilities while they are staying home because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Four female officials spoke out at Mexico’s daily COVID-19 briefing on Thursday to remind people that women do almost three times more housework and family care than do men.
“We have to redistribute this work equally between men and women.... Men will have to do more, and women should have to do less,” said Nadine Gasman, head of the National Women’s Institute INMUJERES, a government body working for gender equality.'

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The housework myth is debunked in several places but in a democracy is it the place of the gov't to tell ppl how to arrange their domestic affairs?

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I just love when governments condescendingly tell men that they're not doing enough. I don't do enough for my family, apparently . . . even though I literally do half the childcare and housework. Men who do less childcare and housework end up paying more of the bills and spending more time outside the home working, usually at a more demanding job. Seriously, people with this message need to **** off already.

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