"Coronavirus Compounds Financial Concerns in Women’s Sports"

Article here. Excerpt:

'The coronavirus has upended the sports world, throwing many professional athletes, like Harrison, into uncertainty. But women, who have fought so hard to get to the top level of sports, might feel a sharper pain than travel woes. Their paychecks and sponsor deals are often much smaller than men’s; their leagues are less established. The specter of a recession is an additional concern.'

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... seem to have everything worse, don't they? Well to the NYT and other feminiss, yes.

Newsflash: the big bulk of pro male athletes do not make millions. They play in minor leagues and other such places. I guarantee they too are feeling it. But the NYT won't be reporting on that any time soon.

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It turns out this disease literally affects men more--at least in terms of contracting it and dying from it.

But, but, we must focus on the poor poor wittle females, don'tcha know?

LOL. The shamelessness of gender ideologues really knows no bounds.

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