UK: Still waiting for misogyny to be a hate crime

Article here. Excerpt:

'When talking about policy and legislation it can be easy to lose sight of what misogyny actually is, and what it would mean for it to be a hate crime. Hannah explained that “it’s victim based rather then perpetrator based” meaning if the victim views an instance as misogyny it should be treated as such. However, for “something to be a misogyny hate crime, it has to be a crime to begin with.” But if something happened “that is not a crime, but is due to my gender, I can report that to the police so they can record that” to provide the police with a better picture of where these incidences are occurring.

The members of Misogyny Is Hate don’t stop at campaigning and working to change legislation but are also inspiring young women and girls. Through Greater Manchester Citizens they have carried out school visits to discuss a range of topics including “deconstructing gender, how to run an intersectional campaign” among others. As well as using their degrees to highlight women’s issues in different areas like discussing that climate change is a gendered issue.

For now, misogyny is still not recognised as a hate crime in Greater Manchester but I’m sure the campaign will continue to put pressure on those who can make it happen.'

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... be a hate crime?

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even tho not a crime?
that's a lesson from v.a.w.a. as a way to get the numbers up for use in future funding. not that cowardly lawyer-congresscritters would dare ever question the v.a.w.a. funding, or what it is being used for.

as an aside, don't care for Harv Weinstein but being convicted from decades old accusations, only recently being made, w/o any physical evidence or eyewitnesses, sounds like some more 'witch trials'. fems sure do loves 'em some feminized court proceedings.

sounds like appeal worthy if ever was. if it stands we should all be very afraid. any woman can put any man away on her word alone. good work if u can get it.

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