"Sex robots may cause psychological damage"

Article here. Odd how no opinion from a man is offered in this piece. What a load of bull-crap. Excerpt:

'US researchers have warned that the availability of sex robots with artificial intelligence (AI) poses a growing psychological and moral threat to individuals and society.

They say the technology is escaping oversight because agencies are too embarrassed to investigate it.

The scientists want action to prevent the unregulated use of such robots.

Dr Christine Hendren of Duke University told BBC News that "the stakes were high".

"Some robots are programmed to protest, to create a rape scenario," she said.'

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one would think the robot ladies had crossed a picket line. next they will try to get special outrageous taxes on robots.
just be sure to tax dildos in a like manner, u equality minded 'feminists'.

I predicted this war on robot women years ago. ya know, might make a good non-fiction book.

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