"VAWA Joe" snatches defeat from the jaws of foolishness

Article here. Looks like Touchy McSqueezy VAWA Joe's political career days are numbered. Good riddance. Excerpt:

'He was once the presumptive Democratic nominee, but on Tuesday, Joe Biden fled New Hampshire with his tail between his legs — and headed to South Carolina, where he watched his dismal results come in.

Sensing a humiliating defeat in the Granite State, Biden’s team announced the former vice president was throwing in the towel before the polls had even closed, spending Tuesday evening at a campaign launch party in Columbia, SC, about 1,000 miles away.

Biden ended up placing fifth in New Hampshire, capturing less than 9 percent of the vote and none of the state’s pledged delegates.'

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2020 was the Dems' election to lose and they lost it. The past three years, they've done nothing but rage vs. DJT, froth at the mouth, idolize "wokeness" and skip along hand in hand with a mainstream press that verifiably lies regularly about anything they don't like.

Courtroom Tactics 101 says never insult the jury. In the case of electoral politics, it's never insult the voter. Yet the Dem party and rank and file Dems have gone on a 3-year bender of hurling insults at voters, including physically attacking them should they be sporting a MAGA hat. Then when not assailing non-Dems at each turn they've viciously attacked one another instead of exercising basic poitical science wisdom: acknowledge differences but emphasize common ground and work to progress on that front.

The GOP holds itself together readily following this PSC 101 rule while the Dems are bent on self-immolation as they bring all their guns of intolerance to bear on each other.

Had they simply reached out to Trump supporters to find out what motivated them to vote Trump and then offered some kind of alternative solution or program that appealed to them, they'd've had 2020 sewn up tight by now. Instead, they blew it. Now they are galloping at full throttle toward ignominious defeat.

The Dems as a party may well not survive past 2022 or so. It's possible the national-scale loss they are about to suffer will cause the party to split. We could see by 2025 a total of three major parties: the Democrats, the New Democrats (this'd be the socialists), and the GOP as the dominant party.

Not saying it'll happen, but saying the chances are reasonable that such a thing may occur. Stay tuned!

But one prediction I have no problem making is that the Dems will lose in 2020.

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