The next feminist target? The draining impact of "invisible" emotional labour

Article here. Excerpt:

'This was the perfect moment for women to own that emotional labour isn't just a wellspring of frustrating domestic gripes, but rather a primary source of systemic issues that touch every arena of our lives, in damaging ways that make clear the pervasive sexism in our culture.
We need to reclaim emotional labour as a valuable skill that everyone should have and understand, because it makes us more attuned to our lives. It brings us more fully into the human experience. It allows us to be the truest and most fulfilled versions of ourselves – as both men and women.

The current imbalance of emotional labour continues the expectation that men are not meant to forge their own social bonds, to care deeply about the details of their lives, to find meaning in creating lives and homes that they are truly invested in. It creates an environment where toxic masculinity thrives – where women are still expected to take care of men in a myriad of ways so they never learn to take care of themselves, not only physically but emotionally and spiritually as well. We tell men as a society that they cannot handle emotional labour, that they need every last detail delegated or handled for them. We leave them with buried frustration at the half-life they are given, even with all their power and privilege. We are feeding a cycle that hurts us all. Changing this dynamic will not hurt men while helping women; it will help set everyone free.'

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... get married and have kids. Problem solved.

Sounds to me more like this neurotic basket case needs therapy more than she needs a feminist revolution. She's had that already and it looks like it hasn't brought her a whit of happiness.

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