The Weaponization of ‘Mansplaining’

Article here. Excerpt:

'What does mansplaining even mean anymore? Last week, three different women allegedly fell victim to it in our nation’s capital. There was Fiona Hill, career diplomat and former Trump adviser, who was subject to a tirade from a Republican congressman during impeachment hearings. (“I thought that was some epic mansplaining that you were forced to endure by my colleague Mr. Turner, and I want you to know some of us think it was inappropriate,” Democrat Sean Maloney told her afterward.)

Then, elsewhere during impeachment proceedings, there was Republican representative Elise Stefanik, who was “mansplained” the rules of the House Foreign Intelligence Committee by Democrat Adam Schiff, at least according to conservative website the Washington Free Beacon.

And finally Republican senator Joni Ernst told reporters that she did “not need to be mansplained by Chuck Schumer,” after the Democrat declined to support her version of the Violence Against Women Act for failing to contain crucial protections for domestic-violence victims.'

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... meant to shut down the other side. It's used by certain women who know they're wrong about something and don't want to admit it.

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been watching the 'evil' series. its about demons fighting against the modern day catholic church, basically. right after the demon loses his disciple to stupidity (accidentally blowing his brains out while playing with semi-auto handguns) he gets on the internet and starts surfing MRA sites.

wanna bet they start claiming men's sites/issues/guys are the next 'evil' target the evil demon wants to demonize? they really do broadcast their intentions.

btw, the dead guy the demon was mentoring was the spitting image of adam lanza, the alleged mass shooter at the sandy hook school shooting. he even had the ar15 and 2 semi-auto handguns lanza supposedly had at sandy hook. I watched sandy hook and still don't believe the outright lies the msm told about it in the weeks following .

should be interesting to see how next week's new evil misogynist MRA's work out.

hey, at least we are now getting some coverage. remember the lean days when we were just 'a lonely voice in the wilderness'?

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... mention :)

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